Nokia N98: a cross between the N8 and N97?

Nokia N98: a cross between the N8 and N97?

Leaked photos (read: image render) of, what is supposedly, the upcoming Nokia N98 suggests it could be a cross between the recently launched Nokia N8 and the previous slider-qwerty phone, N97.


The form factor is inherited from the N97 so this render of the Nokia 98 isn’t very far off. And I think the Finnish company really wants to correct some of their mistakes with the N97. Nokia’s VP of Markets Anssi Vanjoki said in an interview that the N97 was a “tremendous disappointment in terms of the experience quality for the consumers and something [they] did not anticipate.” {Giz}

The specs are still speculative but it will be somewhere in the vicinity of 4-inches with a capacitive touch screen, much like the X6, and a 32GB internal storage. Whether it’ll run Maemo, Meego or Symbian^3 — there’s just so many options for Nokia to go about with this one but, hopefully, they’ll be able to get it right this time.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the N98 combines the specs of the N8 and the form factor of the N97?

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12 Responses

  1. laurence says:

    for me ..the right choice of the operating system matters the most…–just an opinion

  2. snpklsdmbldr says:

    Android is the way to go! :D

  3. rene says:

    their is no perfect cellphone because every person has its own preferences. categorize its person preferences and you have a perfect cellphone for that category.

  4. jade bryan says:

    I think there’s no N98 or any N97 successor this year. But I’m sure there will be a N900 successor. Possibly no physical keys and will run with MeeGo.

  5. jade bryan says:

    The image is too old and very like on the N97s. It is much of a concept device of that “Be Geek”.

  6. Teknisyan says:

    still no cell phone company will release the “perfect” all-in-one model if there where.. then it will eventually kill the other model that they have.

    looks like a green N900.. lols

  7. razorous says:

    Wow! Put 8MP cam with xenon flash + touch screen + a qwerty keyboard, and i wont mind about the os anymore… ;P

  8. cris says:


    Motorola’s Motoroi have those specs, with much more goodies…

  9. daddy joey says:

    still looking forward to the n8 though :)

  10. hereandnow says:


    i strongly agree with you. OS is the look and feel and not the phone alone. unlike 10 years ago where it matters what is outside more that what you can do with it. features and multitasking is the way to go!

    symbian is old! creaky old!

    get over the megapixel hype! mobile phone camera will never surpass the quality of even the cheapest dedicated camera around, at least not today yet.

  11. markmarcelo0210 says:

    Good thing Nokia is going back on track. I think they should come out with a new Symbian OS because competitors are catching up really fast.

  12. anonymouse says:

    Please feature Nokia N900 and make a review. Thanks!

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