OPPO F7 coming to the Philippines

OPPO F7 coming to the Philippines

It seems like OPPO’s newest F7 smartphone is coming to the Philippines as ads start to appear in malls. However, there’s no exact date yet as to when the said smartphone is about to have its release here but from the looks of it, it’s about to arrive very soon.


It has been reported that the F7 will come a 25-megapixel front camera with upgraded AI technology to provide an enhanced beauty mode, improved HDR capabilities, in-camera stickers built with augmented reality (AR), and a 6.2-inch display fit in a chassis that touts an almost 90% screen-to-body ratio.


Update (5:42pm ; March 20, 2018): The OPPO F7 is set to launch in the Philippines in April. 

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4 Responses

  1. tae says:

    Ayan na naman ang Oppo super aggressive marketing, artista na naman panglaban nila. As if nman OPPO talaga ginagamit nila duh.

  2. K L says:

    micro usb please 2018 hahaah

  3. rrm says:

    Ganyan talaga ang nature ng advertising. Kung cno ang mga sikat na celebrities yun ang kinukuha ng agency as talent/endorser.Part of sales strategy nila para maengganyo bumili ang mga tao. It’s all up to the person kung bibili o hindi.But most likely karamihan ng celebrity endorsers don’t use the brand of phone they are endorsing.Not unless gagawa cla ng ad for Apple…hehe ?

  4. Oppo User says:

    Been happy with my Oppo F5. I bought it last December. Excited about this F7. Planning to buy this for my wife as a birthday present. Before the Oppo F5, i was using a Samsung S7 Edge. Barely a year, the S7 had a screen burn. And you cant use the camera. Accdg to Samsung, theres a problem with the motherboard. Its 15k to replace the board, another 3k for the screen. Tough luck. So I decided to get the Oppo F5. So far so good. So F7, i want you.

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