Play This: WWE Immortals for iOS and Android

Play This: WWE Immortals for iOS and Android

If you’re looking for a fresh new game to try on your smartphone, check WWE Immortals out! WWE gets some Mortal Kombat treatment and turns wrestlers like John Cena into a superhero and Undertaker into a necromancer.



The game allows for a Mortal Kombat style of play, with swiping and tapping combos plus finishers. You are also allowed three characters per team, and you can unlock more features as you progress. However, if you want to have that effortlessly faster, WWE Immortals has in-app purchases.


I’ve downloaded the 1.4GB game into my Google Nexus 5 already and it works beautifully smooth. You can download the game here for free: iOS, Android.

Bob Freking occasionally contributes articles to the website. He is a UST Graduate of Commerce & Business Administration, Major in Marketing Management, and a full-time Sith Lord with three dragons.

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11 Responses

  1. igniculus says:

    is this same like Champions? tiring….

  2. abuzalzal says:

    “In-app Purchases”…

    This is the reason why smartphone games suck. Buy item XYZ to win the game? Gems? Coins? Timers? Fuck them all.

    Being a good player in a smartphone game isn’t all about the skill – it’s all about your capacity to buy IAPs.

    Smartphone gaming are for losers who do not have the skills.

  3. Digest says:

    Games that must be played on any hand held device should only be Puzzles that kills time for short duration (I only have Chip Chain, Sudoku installed on my device). Any kind of game genre are meant to be played on PC or consoles.

    CoC? WTF? Pure cash cow grabbing games. You only need money to excel on those kind of games. People playing games on social media need to get a real gaming experience. As long as it doesn’t involve money to excel and rely only on your gaming skills.

    • CoC says:

      hindi mo naman kailangan ng pera para makapag laro ng CoC. toinks!

    • dafuq says:

      from COC
      “hindi mo naman kailangan ng pera para makapag laro ng CoC. toinks!”

      di mo siguro naintindihan ung point nya, kahit na free lang ang coc, kung nagmamadali ka, gagamit ka ng gems, what if naubusan ka, at di ka na makapag antay na makalibre, syempre bibili ka, well dont get me wrong siguro ikaw ung tipo ng coc player na magdamag na walang patayan ng coc kaya di mo kinakailangan ng shield babad ka ata don eh

  4. NiceTryYugatech says:

    This kind of game is stupid, same as this I’ve tried the mobile version of injustice and it’s just a mindless game.. or maybe need a really little bit of skills to play. Playing it is just a waste of time, like most of time management games on mobile atm. (CoC and all of its Clones, Most of Zynga’s games, GoW, Etc.).

    There’s some I can recommend though like:
    Terraria, Alone, Boson X, Doug Dug, 99 Bricks, Threes, Anomaly series.. or some pricey but worth RPGs like Wayward Souls, Banner Saga, Battleheart, Oceanhorn, Ghostblade, or all of any FF & DQ games you haven’t played. If you really like time management games, then pick the games of Kairogames. Those where the games that doesn’t need good controllers at all. Mobile games doesn’t suck as other might say, but finding a good game would be a tough job.

  5. paulino says:

    Inapp puchases? Mod apk and lucky patcher lang katapat niyan hehe problem solved!

  6. kenrick ty says:

    I Have No Android Phone Can Somebody Help Me I Had Only Cheapest Mobile The Cherrymobile E1 It Only Costs P,999

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