Samsung Galaxy S4 becomes official!

Samsung Galaxy S4 becomes official!

In a global launch event here in Radio Music Hall, New York City, Samsung finally revealed their latest Galaxy smartphone – the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Samsung polished the design of the S3 and bumped up the hardware configuration to come up with the Galaxy S4. The body is still made of polycarbonate material but gives you an impression that it looks and feels a bit metallic.

The handset manufacturer also put a lot of focus on the OS layer by adding a huge set of customizations from entertainment, education, health and media fronts (will discuss more about that in a separate article).

The Galaxy S4 will basically have two major configurations –- one running an Exynos 5 Octa processor and another with a Snapdragon 600 quad-core. This chip (and LTE) will depend per region but it’s more likely the Philippines will get the Exynos 5 model.


Samsung Galaxy S4 i9500 specs:
4.99-inch display full HD Super AMOLED @ 1920x1080p, 441ppi
Samsung Exynos 5 Octa 1.6GHz 4+4 core
Quad-core 1.6GHz Cortex-A15, quad-core 1.2GHz Cortex-A7
PowerVR SGX544MP3 tri-core GPU
16, 32GB, 64GB
Up to 64GB microSD
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n/ac, dual-band WiFi Direct
Bluetooth 4.0
GPS w/ aGPS support
IR Blaster
13MP autofocus, rear camera with LED flash
1080p video recording @ 30fps
2MP front-facing camera
1080p video recording @ 30fps
Li-Ion Battery 2600mAh
Android 4.2.2 Jellybean

The other model is has an SKU number of GT-i9505 and runs on Quacomm Snapdragon 600.

Samsung Galaxy S4 i9505 specs:
4.99-inch display full HD Super AMOLED @ 1920x1080p, 441ppi
Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 1.9GHz quad-core
Adreno 320 Graphics
16, 32GB, 64GB
Up to 64GB microSD
HSPA+, LTE 100Mbps (6 bands)
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n/ac, dual-band WiFi Direct
Bluetooth 4.0
GPS w/ aGPS support
IR Blaster
13MP autofocus, rear camera with LED flash
1080p video recording @ 30fps
2MP front-facing camera
1080p video recording @ 30fps
Li-Ion Battery 2600mAh
Android 4.2.2 Jellybean

The 4G LTE frequencies supported are 700MHz, 800MHz, 1700MHz, 1800MHz, 1900MHz, 2600MHz.

Samsung put a lot of effort with the 13MP camera by including a number of fancy effects and post-shot compositions. Technically, it’s just a super-charged native camera app but it does a lot pretty neat tricks that will look impressive to a regular consumer.

The handset will be available in White Frost and Black Mist colors. Samsung is set to have a worldwide release of the Galaxy S4 some time in May 2013.

You can read more about our hands-on first impressions here. You can also see the Quadrant Benchmarks here.

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85 Responses

  1. kami says:

    I have the Galaxy S3 and my only complain is its plastic body, puro cracks na yung sakin sa bezel, and less than a year pa lang. now again, plastic na naman ang material na ginamit nila…

    Specs wise, hands down ako…

    i think, the other 5 incher (i.e. Sony Xperia Z and HTC One) will definitely have the edge.


    • norman says:

      ako den. xperia z na lang ang bibilin ko. mumura na yun kasi may s4 na.

    • moonpriest01 says:

      woow how do you get the cracks on the bezel? My S3 is 7 months old na but really looks brand new pa din no scratches etc.. Nagpatak ba? I agree fragile talaga ang s3 kaya doble ingat ako. I even cut my own screen protector for the back.

      By the way interested din ako sa Xperia Z kaso nakagamit na ako sa friend ko. Mejo laggy ang apps scrolling at may some lags sa browser.

    • Hayatte says:

      My money belongs to HTC One. :))) This looks like a china phone.

    • ishi says:

      s2 user here more than 1 year na pero looks brand new pa rin dahil sa hard case and screen protector. Nasa user lang kung pang maingat sa gamit.

      opinion ko lang.

    • mang kanor says:

      halos 1 year na s3 ko pero wala pang crack. ang paggamit ng phone kailangan din may konteng care. basa ka ng htc one review, dami rin flaw sa casing. case lang yan dude.. case.. mas importante ung nasa loob at ung features..

    • Kami says:


      guilty ako. im not really that careful with my gadgets.

      pero may casing yung S3 ko… i dont know bakit may cracks…. :(

  2. tarush says:

    Just incremental upgrades imo
    They could have redesigned its look sana kahit papaano
    Yun ang di gusto ng karamihan, now Xperia Z and HTC One will benefit from this….

  3. Ryan says:

    Hmm, so just like the name from S3 to S4, nothing new just an upgrade. Its just an expensive Camera phone? too bad…

  4. Phillip says:

    Haaaay sayang ang momentum. I was so much hoping for at least a fresher appearance compared sa S3, dahil tama kayo from the first galaxy S nag-iiba ang design. Pero ngayon , wala lang. The hardware is a monster, pero looks and build quality is still important to consumers and FOR ME, yun na lang ang kulang ni Sammy, yung mas premium feel. I think I just lost my erection.

  5. Ernie says:

    Haha I love the fact that you can take a pic on the front and back camera at the same time, but still not gonna buy one though, let’s see what Apple will do with NFC technology.

  6. Rhia says:

    Pasabog na sana sa spec and features waley lang talaga sa design ng phone parang S3 lang nag update ng software!

  7. dads says:

    mukhang tae na naman yun design. galaxy s2 and galaxy note 1 is better than those rounded edge parang pang bakla

  8. dads says:

    kapag yun note 3 same design wag nalang. di ba inisip ng samsung yun tao particular din sa design not only sa specs? s2 and note 1 has better than design. if note 3 has design ill stick to my note 1 until i get pantech vega 6

  9. Ryan says:

    Plastic again? zzzzzzz

  10. tintoy69 says:

    wala na bang ibang magaling na designer ang samsung? kasi, halos identical lahat ng model nila, specs lang binabago.

  11. The momentum is on Samsung. They can respond to consumers more quickly, more Engineers, more manufacturing plants (can produce millions of phones wayyy faster than others), more patents, more innovations. Ads are all over so that everyone in this world knows that SGS4 is unveiled March 14, 2013. Everybody is talking about SGS4 now. 21st century marketing. South Korea your the best!!!!

  12. Dude says:

    My opinion is that Sammy is Bang On with this phone. HTCone has better design and Speakers but lacks micro SD and exchangeable battery. Sony XperiaZ is great but lacks in the Software department. Sammy’s design works, feels great in hand and the Software is the most feature rich of any OS for me. They are being creative Where it counts the most(on screen). Also how Many of you aren’t gong to put a protective case on any of these phones anyway. So plastic or Metal doesn’t really matter anyway. Just My 2 cents. Personally I will stick to my Note 2 as I enjoy its added functionality.

  13. Galaxy S4 says:

    Yung mga nagrereklamo halatang walang pambili at umaasa na hindi pa magiging obsolete mga phones nila pag labas ng S4. Good luck.

    • zarne says:

      Tama lang naman ang mga sinasabi ng karamihan tungkol sa plastic design. Mukhang boring naman talaga ang design ng Samsung S4. Sana binago naman ang design. I think there is a reason why Samsung retained the plastic material. The NFC chip on the phone will not work if the back of the phone is made of metal. (This is probably why all the Iphones don’t have NFC) My Google Nexus4 is also made from plastic but its looks better than the Samsung S phones. Just my opinion and my 2 cents worth..

  14. olatipus says:

    Olats!!! Booo!!!

  15. OneS4 says:

    design wise, HTC One. specs wise, S4.

    Lenovo/Cherry mobile/myPhone etc. – make a super smart phone with an HTC One design packed with S4 specs. haha

  16. myk says:

    Samsung should have learned from Apple’s mistake.. Focusing more on the software upgrades, rather than going for a new look design-wise won’t entice new users..

    They should have come up with a totally new design, while incorporating the OS’ new features..

    A bump to 5.0 inches is just not enough..

  17. AA says:

    Samsung did an Apple this time. They should have named this the Galaxy S3s.

  18. Opinion ko. says:

    Lahat ng mobile manufacturer ay mabusisi sa design dahil sa dami ng patent. kaya dinadaan na lang sa spec and feature.

  19. Bakes says:

    Hey, y’all! HTC One is NOT 5″. 4.7″ lang sya.

  20. Sam says:

    I like the octa-core, it should be fast enough.
    amazing specs. I hope in the next iteration they will moved away from plastic.

  21. Elmyr Cruz says:

    I think Samsung used the idea that if something’s not broken, don’t fix it.

  22. doogz says:

    Good specs, build is okay but it’s plastic and the battery life? OH NO!!

  23. Xperia Addict says:

    I would still go for Xperia Z.. :D

  24. More on software updates indeed but then it’s nice to see new features such as Knox and Cloud Sync. The most talked about feature, SmartScroll, though is proven to have been a failure for people with eyeglasses.

    Samsung Galaxy S3 Gets Official, Full Specs Features From London Event

  25. spanky says:

    ang aarte niyo.kaya plastic yan para mas mura at ma afford niyo mga reklamador.mga hampaslupa naman hahaha.

  26. Richard says:

    Kahit ilang beses niyo pa sabihin na wala pagbabago hanggat d kayo samsung User wala sense mga sinasabi niyo! 1 year nako naka s3 and i can say na ok talaga siya! Karamihan ng me negative feedback isa lang masasabi ko sa inyo –> Mga BITTER!!

    • taeka says:

      TAe ka pala nagkaroon ako ng galaxy s2 and note 1. i dont look the design of those rounded bading edge

    • dshhfg says:

      tae ka pala. may s2 and note 1 ako. ayaw ko mag upgrade kasing bading na bading yun rounded edges na yan. sarap pang kulot e hahahah

    • tae says:

      hahaha mga TAE kayong lahat! Mag oplus or nexus 4 nlang kayo!

    • EchosCore says:

      ako din naka s3 galing sa s2. parang 10% upgrade lang to. kahit design hindi binago, nilagyan lang ng bakal sa gilid parang galaxy ace.

    • ruel says:

      Wala akong samsung kahit isa.. gusto ko lang mag comment dito.. 3:)

    • senyor says:

      mga tae kayo! meron akong nokia at wilfone! ano kayo ngayon!?

  27. esdsd says:

    ang tae ng design tae tae tae baho baho walang kwenta kabaklaan yun design. ok pa xperia z.

  28. ecaps24 says:

    HTC, Xperia?

    Go with whatever you want. GS4 will still sell like hotcakes because of Octa processor.

    I have a GN2 for 4 months now and it will be my phone for until GS5 is unveiled.

  29. Levi says:

    I’m using a galaxy note 2 as my secondary phone and I can tell that I’ll be just fine. Sorry Samsung but you can’t have my money this time; I need a premium feel for my bucks and not the plastic body.I’m upgrading to the HTC One later this year.

    • lee says:

      sosyal mo pre… siguraduhin mo may pang almusal at pambyahe ka pa.

    • EchosCore says:

      bakit naman po ganyan ang banat nyo, hindi mo naman siya kilala at saka hindi lahat ng bumibili ng gadgets na mamahalin na nakatira sa pilipinas eh gumagapang sa hirap para lang makabili ng gadget na gusto nila. wala na po tayong dapat na pakelam doon.

    • dsdsd says:

      @lee bitter ka ikaw siguro ang walang pambili. ok lang siya kung mag yabang kung may pambili di mo siya kilala baka anak ni lucio tan yan.

  30. james says:

    Octa core? Nde po kaya mas madaling uminit yan? And bat life? :/ im using a quadcore cp onting movie or game lang ang init na ng likod ng phone ko. Anyhow. How i wish may sbeam din ang ibang phone to transfer large files faster. :)

    • asasas says:

      para saan ang octacore? haha! kasi di kayang mag-innovate kaya dinaan na lang sa dami ng cores para maiba, kasi laramihan quadcores lang? haha!

      sa 8 cores, inamin mo na din na laggy ang OS mo.. hahaha!

      nangopya pa ng features ng ibang phones?

      ano ba naman samsung…? sabagay madami ka namang nauuto kaya sige lang, yung s5 mo lagyan mo ng 64 cores… haha!

    • John says:

      Octacore. Hindi sabay sabay umaandar yan. 4 na a15 at 4 na a7, Kapag intensive ung gamit mo at kailangan ng more power, aandar ung A15 cores. Pero pag time na mag bbrowser ka lang or watchin vids or textings, etc… papaandarin ung A7 para mas low sa power consumption.

  31. dah says:

    The ui looks the same with s3. Specs sound great but still lacks the xfactor quality unlike htc one or sony xperia z or the lg optimus g o pro.

  32. Glen says:

    How come 2 configurations yung processor?

  33. cmk says:

    FYI i asked samsung philippines when they will release May pa raw :)

  34. EchosCore says:

    Hay mabuti pa pala mga pilipino me taste sa mga design ng smartphones. mga amerikano tuwang tuwa sa mga useless features nitong s4. diba dati gumawa ng ad ang samsung pangasar sa apple? ung “how did they know i upgrade if it looks the same” na commercial. eh bakit ngaun, samsung na ang gumagawa ng ganung tactics. onti lang diperensya eh. at saka pag gumagastos po sa mga gadget, kapag pinaghirapan mo ung pambili di ba mas maganda kung magandang quality naman ung pagkakagawa?

  35. spongefree says:

    Not a stellar upgrade, that is if you usually use your smartphone for fb, twitter, instagram or foursquare. Hey Yuga, any chance you can get hold of Oppo Find 5? It has a premium build qualty.

  36. Hayatte says:

    HTC One ftw!!!

  37. same same says:

    sayang lang pera kung parehas lang ng s3. kahit design ng phone ganun pa rin. ok pa samsung s2 e. eto lang ata flagship phone na taon na to na ganun pa rin ang itsura na lumabas.

  38. Obed says:

    I miss the old community nang YugaTech kung saan may wisdom and information yung mga comments nang tao.

    Yung mga comments na they will say pros and cons sa device na talagang meron sila at na experience nila for weeks and months, hindi lang yun na hawakan at pinaglaruan sa local carrier display or nahiram sa mga kaibigan

    Yung mga comments na they will suggest an alternative product without lambasting other products.

    Yuga, you should have a “members only” comment section, masyado nang marami trolls na duag that hide their real information.

    • allan e.c.b. says:

      Yes those times when this site was still civilized ngayon puro jologs at mga uninformed ang andito

    • Harold says:

      Yeah I agree with you sir Obed. i have similar post din before, but i suggested to have a censorship before the someone’s post been actually posted here, marami bashers at nanira ng pagkatao dto. try to visit bobfrecking columns to see what i mean. they are bashing the kid to hell, I agree that sometimes me articles dto na parang di masyadong maayos. we all can critized,give our opinion but please do it in a civilized way.

    • senyor says:

      i agree. mga jologs na andito, buti nalang i have my nokia and willfone with me. and i love it. besst phoneee evaah!

    • Welsh says:

      I agree with Obed also… there are just too many egotistic comments these days.

      Back in the day, people would just comment with an intent to share /or exchange ideas.

  39. garz says:


  40. LEE says:

    I’m an apple user for years now and I want to try android devices for a change I’m torn between samsung galaxy s4 and HTC one.

    In terms of software, I think Samsung galaxy s4 outshines the HTC one. But in terms of hadware, my vote is for the HTC One.

    It’s too early to conclude which one is superior, since both fones are not yet availabale here in the Philippines.

    Android geeks, which one is better?

    I hope you can help me. Thanks! And god bless :)

    • Welsh says:

      One of the qualities that people like about Apple iphone products are Apple’s Customer Support quality, and Software Support (OS updated and so on)

      As such, I just you go for Samsung S4 as Samsung has a good Customer Support here in PH, and has a good software support (as long as the specs of your samsung Phone can take it, samsung will cater the Android update).

      Hope this help you decide.

  41. Rob says:

    Nice, 8 core! Antayin ko ang release ng Note 3. So far, I love my Note 2 pa din. :)

  42. jeff says:

    mas ok naman siya kumpara sa S3 pero di ganun ka laki yung upgrade kaysa s2-s3.Maganda din cam nito. Same with other flagships this year, lahat EXMOR RS same with Xperia Z.

  43. fat internet guy says:

    shet..parang talo iphone 5 a..:(

    • blabla says:

      …hahaha…matagal nang talo ang iphone 5….. asa ka pang magkaroon ng chance yan…. apple sucks!!

  44. Opinyon ko lng s mga nabasa ko d2 tungkol s bago at lumang modelo ng samsung. Wala nmn cgurong smartphone company na maglalabas ng total package ng kanilang produkto. Pag ginawa nila yun d n sila kikita kya pa unti-unti lng ang nilalabas nila. Yun lang po!

  45. Hey you fuckyou nokia ,apple,blackberry,nexus,htc and ilove you samsung and you are the best fuck you alllllll im -vice president of samsung

    • zarne says:

      @ Obed…. I see what you mean about certain “commentors”. Hey Samsung Officials (if this is true) You are being a dumb ass with your stupid comments. Please respect the other people in this forum.

  46. blabla says:

    wow ha!! tindi ng mga comments…puro negative…just because of the design ng s4..grabe!!! how ridiculous….

    ..well, comment ko lang naman, para matawag mong maganda ang isang phone, dapat ang tignan mo yong specs hindi yong design….likewise sa tao..”don’t judge the book by its cover”.

    tignan nyo naman specs ng s4… ang layong maganda sa specs ng pinagmamalaki nyong htc one at xperia z…

    • zarne says:

      @blabla.. I disagree about your analogy about the the phone and the person ”don’t judge the book by its cover”. The subject is a phone, and if I am buying one, I would certainly look at the design PLUS the Specs. As for me, I put more weights on the design than on the Specs. Why do you think Apple is still selling so many phones? Iphone Specs are old but the Iphone has great design.

  47. mi young says:

    people with most harsh comments are usually the one with most criticism but less percentage to buy the product if you really want to know how good this S4 is why dont you try to buy one and see it for yourself im a samsung user so i could say that it fits my daily living and it is worth the bucks i paid. whatever it is still the verdict of this S4 lies upon the masses who will use and patronize once it is officially launch in most samsung stores here in the country :) ciao!

  48. Samsung is the best mobile phone in the world.

  49. At blog says:

    Samsung galaxy s4 a phone that has all features that make it the best Android phone ever !! I owned it and was smooth to use !! pros: 1-) The 13mpegapixel camera works awesome . 2-) A superb screen with a brilliant size. 3-) The speaker are audible and does not produce loudness and the expendable memory is a good option. 4-) The octa core processor is the biggest pros. 5-) The 2600mAh battery provides a good backup of 7 to 8 hours on heavy use like games ,video streaming and net surfing on a continuous use cons: 1-) The eye gesture feature does not work properly 2-) A little bit high price (if u can afford its best to buy)

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