Samsung Spica i5700 Review

Samsung Spica i5700 Review

When the Samsung Spica came out a few weeks back, I was surprised with the retail price of the handset. It one of the most affordable Android-powered smartphone in the market. We looked deeper into the Samsung i5700 before handing out the verdict.

At first glance, the Spica looked like most other candybar phones released by Samsung with that distinctive design. The navigation panel is a bit intricate that you’d either love it or hate it. The control pad actually has 7 buttons laid out and separated by curved lines (and that does not include the 4-way directional pad).


In hindsight, the physical controls are basically the same as that of the HTC Hero but because of the layout/design, using them is a bit confusing (it’s got to do more with the layout of the keys). You get used to it in time.

On the side — there’s a dedicated camera button on the right with a lock button on top of it while the volume rocker is on the left. The micro-USB port is on top beside the 3.5mm audio jack. The body is mostly made up of rubbery plastic back panel and brushed-metal finish in front. There are red accents on the OK button and the front speakers. It’s a little thick at 13.2mm but not really bulky on the hands.


The 3.2″ display screen isn’t the largest we’ve seen but enough for a touch screen phone. The display is nice with a bright and crisp resolution.

Like the Hero, the Spica also suffers a bit with the virtual keyboard that’s somewhat cramped. The individual keys are a little skinny in the vertical orientation but that changes when you switch to the landscape orientation.

The interface is the basic Android UI with 3 panels. Samsung did not bother to include a layer UI on top of it. It would have been nice to see some eye-candy, even if it’s just the TouchWiz UI.


The Spica is powered by Samsung’s very own 800MHz processor and as such, apps and others functions (like media playback, browsing) are pretty snappy. The Spica actually ranks #2 among the fastest Android smartphones locally available, next to the X10, if we based it clock-for-clock. Most of the time though, it feels like the two handsets perform at par with each other.


The Spica has Android 1.5 (Cupcake) pre-installed but, as of this time, you can actually have it upgraded to Android 2.1 (Eclair). That’s an added bonus which I think was key to the Spica’s growing popularity.


Connectivity isn’t an issue with the Samsung Spica — it’s got Bluetooth, WiFi 802.11 b/g, 3G/HSDPA and GPS. Like most other Android handsets, there’s no native 3G switch (there’s a Switchers widget that controls everything else) so you’ll have to install an app like APNdroid to control 3G connectivity on-the-fly. Not a big deal but first time users should take note of this.

The 3.2MP camera isn’t impressive but decent enough. There’s no built-in flash but at least it has auto-focus. Here’s one shot I managed to take with it (forget the 15fps video recording).

audi r8
Off-topic: I have to say — taking a ride on this Audi R8 was a blast. Feels like I’m on a rocket ship will all that G-force pulling me back.

Battery life is expectedly normal (with the 1500mAh Li-Ion) for smartphones like the Spica — can do 2 days on casual connectivity use but can easily drain in a day with heavy use. I suggest bringing a spare cable charger with you all the time.

If there’s a noticeable disappointment with the Spica, I think it would be the amount of internal storage that came with it. The 180MB internal storage seems too small if you’re looking to install a ton of apps. For all other file storage concerns, you’ll have to separately invest in a microSD card. The unit I got only had 1GB with it but you can stick in up to 32GB if you have the extra cash.

Ok, then there’s no multi-touch support too even if you upgrade to v2.1 — not a deal-killer but certainly something you’d miss on a touchscreen phone (especially with Google Maps and Photo Gallery). At least it’s got some sort of haptic feedback so you feel some subtle vibrations when tapping keys or the dial pad.

All in all, the Samsung Spica i5700 is a one desirable smartphone, especially to those who will be getting their first ever Android handset. This is highlighted by the fact that its got the basic features of Android smartphones at a very affordable price (Php13,800 in some stores) — less than half the price of other Android phones of the same caliber. It’s got its fair share of shortcomings but it gets bonus points for being capable to upgrade to Eclair v2.1. Samsung should get some good karma for introducing this handset into the local market.

Disclosure: Globe Telecom gave me this handset for free and Samsung is an advertiser on this blog.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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140 Responses

  1. Zylo says:

    Huwaw astig ka sir Yuga! sa’kin na lang yan =D

  2. Totem says:

    Wow! Its spec is better than HTC Tattoo.. I might consider buying one prolly after 3 months.. And I’m hoping that Google won’t release a new Android sooner.. haha XD

  3. Calvin says:

    not including any UI on top of the OS must’ve slashed a lot from the price. other manufacturers should always include a basic smartphone without their proprietary UIs on top of the OS.

  4. Jon says:

    Having been a Symbian diehard for years now, I must say that it’s definitely worth the switch. And worth every peso to boot!

  5. daddy joey says:

    nice, ganda r8 mo pre! :D

  6. Rickey says:

    Whew, I had to flash the Elcair 2.1 myself to this pda-phone bcoz Samsung did not offer such service at the time I bought it. (Of course, accepting the small but real risk of bricking it. Which it didn’t.) Don’t be contented with the version that’s originally provided with this device as it doesn’t run many new apps. Once u get Eclair on it though, it delivers! The spica itself is solid & decent, with very good battery life. Altho I wished they shipped with one extra battery & charger bcoz it is afterall a pda-multimedia-fon. I also wished they did away with those intrusive buttons on its sides. Android is the way to go. And Samsung just made it possible for u to experience it w/o shelling out so much.

  7. Teknisyan says:

    What can I say but “Nice car!!”!!! hehe.. uh oh.. nice handset and very affordable too!!!

  8. RJ says:

    Yeah!! And on May 19th (May 20th sa atin), Google will announce something on their Google I/O which many of us Android fans think would be the Froyo 2.2 update! :D Sana meron na rin for Samsung because this update will “supposedly” fix the issue with internal memory of phones. According to some blogs I read, the update will now let us install Android apps on the SD card! wweee!! :D

  9. sylv3rblade says:

    Globe is offering the Spica for free via Globe Labs if you’re a member or know someone who’s a member (but you have to avail of a postpaid plan). Will be receiving my unit later today.

  10. Kyle says:

    i was thinking about getting ether a spica or a tattoo…until I saw this

    For a budget phone, it practically kills everything else. I mean, an affordable HTC Desire? How can it go wrong?

  11. lolipown says:

    errm… 300 euro for a budget phone?

  12. yuga says:

    @kyle – that’s around Php17,500

  13. Kyle says:

    But given that its specs mostly match that of the Hero, that’s quite a huge price difference. Hero is @ 25k+ PHP as of now

    Also if I remember correctly, the Tattoo launched in Singapore at $599(about 20k PHP) but it launched here at about 15k PHP. So expect it to launch here (if its launched at all :-P) at a tad cheaper price than what is initially announced :-)

  14. rye says:

    Hi Yuga, thanks for the review. atleast alam ko di ako mali ng decision. haha! Got my Spica (my 1st android phone) a few weeks back, and ako na nagflash immediately to Eclair. BTW, we Spica users are waiting for Froyo(2.2), rumors say that it’ll have flash and apps can be stored on the SD, so internal phone memory wont be a problem anymore. :)

  15. Esomo says:

    Big big big disappointment is that Android doesn’t support system wide Internet proxy so don’t expect to be able to use it with your office wifi and proxy.

    And it’s seems never included in Froyo also. Not recommended for business users.

    Hays kainis…

  16. kimmuel roa endaya says:

    Haha…I love the disgression on the Audi car!!!


    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  17. kimmuel roa endaya says:

    Digression pala…lol

    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  18. Jon says:

    I hope this phone will get Froyo too. That’s a perfect work around for the insufficient internal memory without having to root.

    Even so, this is still a great buy!

  19. faultybiceps says:

    Can someone please send me instructions on how to activate GPRS using smart postpaid sim for my spica.

    also for globe postpaid and prepaid (if there is a difference at all) if such is available.

    Appreciate it mucho.

  20. roiji says:

    i currently own this phone and i love it <3

    with android 1.5 ok naman siya.

    but when i flashed it (Samsung NPS is useless!!) to asian firmware android 2.1 it better EXCEPT the home screen (Pantheon, Samsung's own home screen app) it really staggers.

    I downloaded and installed LauncherPro it's a free Home Screen alternative and it's blazing fast. faster than HelixLauncher. and I'll uninstall Pantheon later.

    Samsung utility software sucks…

  21. idlewild says:

    froyo has just been announced. hope this phone will still get the update. really love the improvements and new features they’re adding to the platform.

  22. I agree with rouji on the slowness of Pantheon. Will checkout launcherPro in a bit.

  23. Just installed LauncherPro. It’s beta but man! *Mindblown*

  24. roiji says:

    haha astig di ba?!

    pwede pa siya sa landscape mode <3

  25. sylv3rblade says:

    yah. I can only imagine how fast the final app is going to be with Froyo :)

  26. jefbuan says:

    Got mine at 10K..supersale here yahoooo,hope to have froyo soon on my spica

  27. roiji says:

    and where is “here” ?? hahaha
    my aunt is wanting one :)

  28. sylv3rblade says:

    Did I mention Globe gave my Spica to me for free? :D

  29. sheepman says:

    F**K! Is it just me or nobody here noticed the audi r8?!

  30. Angie says:

    Is this upgrade-able to future versions of Android? (2.2 up)

  31. spicaboy says:


  32. chuchay says:

    can you sync your contacts to Outlook?

  33. J.J says:


    san ka naka buy? Brand new ba yan?

  34. Porpy says:

    I’m really interested in this phone and I have just one question. I have a sun wireless broadband and I would like to use it on this phone. Is it possible to do so? Sorry I’m no techie.

  35. owners of samsung spic i5700 any feedback pros cons?

  36. roiji says:

    a good value phone if you are starting android
    included: gps, compass, accelerometer, wifi
    the screen, even though TFT, is very BRIGHT and vibrant
    android 2.1 firmware available now
    the hardware directional buttons is very useful for editing text

    hardware qwerty keyboard
    not good in 3D gaming.. the 800Mhz proc is not powerful enough for 3D rendering!
    samsung pantheon home screen software
    updating with bundles software is a pain (instead, use ODIN and flash with official samsung firmware or bring to samsung shop)
    no flash or led light
    little RAM for apps
    speaker is not as loud as nokia’s but loud enough

  37. almed22 says:

    this would be really great if it had multi-touch! but still it has a pretty great price for an android phone. The Philippines is a really great consumer for samsung and i hope they would release the Samsung Galaxy S here too. sana mura din!! mga 15-20k ok na!! ka c yung htc 20-30k kpag bibili k ng unlocked!

  38. operacreed says:

    funny but i got my spica 3 weeks ago and the price had gone down from 13800 to 13300. had to upgrade it to 2.1 on the same day that 2.2 was launched. The spica was the right entry level android phone for a dual citizen like me (Filipino and Senior…. joke).

    now galaxy s is being considered by all 4 major US carriers with AT&T showing major interest. Once that becomes available here, then my spica will end up with my granddaughter who is aching for a Corby.

    I downloaded launcherpro as suggested by kind souls above and am having a blast.

    To the people who keep this blog alive, my compliments.

  39. glennrey says:

    i just hope that the spica can be upgraded to 2.2 OS if that happens then i have nothing more to ask on this phone.

    also try downloading other keyboard app as the one that is included is pretty Jurassic IMO

  40. operacreed says:

    any news about availabilty of HTC EVO 4G in the Phils. When is the launched and for how much? And what store outlet? TY

  41. adam says:

    yes, spica is really cheap as compared to this Nokia N900 that my office mate bought.Nokia N900: one of the best smartphone

  42. So good …i like the Samsung Spica i5700….plan to buy one…:)

  43. operacreed says:

    Guess i have to stick it out it Samsung with the launch of the Galaxy S.

    @ hp battery: Cancel you plans for the entry level spica. “So good” yet so late but an excellent Android starter phone.

    There is so much to learn with the new OS which by the way, enhances and complements one’s Google experience.

    There has been no significant Symbian upgrades from Nokia; thus, something really new from Android is worth trying.

    Ever wonder why Globe pulled a fast one on Smart with Spica?

  44. lolipown says:

    hardware qwerty keyboard -> lack thereof?

  45. roiji says:

    The lack pf a qwerty key oard makea it a con.

    Yes, I typed that statement on my spica right now without editing.

    I have big fingers and left handed. O appears sometimes when pressing/tapping P.
    But what is really helpful here is the directional buttons :)

  46. lolipown says:

    makes sense now :)

  47. idlewild says:

    @glennrey, there is hope for a 2.2 update for i5700:

  48. ilham says:

    thanks for information
    new galaxy spica witha Eclair(2.1)

  49. I’ve got the Spica for over a week now and these bugs suck:
    1. If WiFi is on, the camera images are dark.
    2. The Camera doesn’t stick the correct orientation EXIF tag regardless of how you shot the photo (portrait or landscape)

  50. kewlits says:

    got one free from globe..its a nice phone, already downloaded lots of apps at the market. Firmware version is 2.1
    @roiji, though i am right handed, but i have big fingers too, but comparing it to iphone when typing using the qwerty pad,im more much convenient using the samsung than iphone.

    I hope somebody can develop a numeric keypad, for those who are used to in typing sms using the standard key pad

  51. roiji says:

    What firmware version are on?
    you can turn of the wifi through the settings.

    I have short thumb. The omnia ii has a numeric keypad…winmo isn’t awesome.
    I hope they create it for android..

  52. bryan says:

    I know you can turn off the wifi but that’s not the point now, is it? I even have the widget that makes it easy to turn of visa the home screen.

  53. idlewild says:

    @kewlits, @roiji: install the HTC IME mod. it gives you the option to switch between 3 keyboard types (QWERTY, Phone Keypad or Compact QWERTY)

  54. Samsung Spica, i think i will listing it my to-buy list

  55. a3u5z1i says:

    Before Corby, now Spica :)

  56. herupra says:

    wew….nice info…thanks for the information

  57. utari says: spica!!
    nice info..thanks

  58. ridwan says:

    that’s really nice phone

  59. tee are says:

    what a lovely gadget.. wish i can have one

  60. gwhiz says:

    budget matter really torn between the Spica i5700 and the SE X10. it may not be a fair contest between the two but i need your advice on which phone to get. i mean why pay 30k for X10? why not Spica i5700? definitely the X10 nailed it in the design department. same Android OS,different body. but really. why not Spica i5700?

  61. roiji says:

    (though i’m not an X10 owner, i’m an SE fan)
    there are manufacturer additions to both cellphones
    samsung skins pantheon on the spica while sony ericsson skins timescape and media scape on the X10

    on media experience X10 might have a great advantage due to its 4″ screen. unlike 3.2″ of the spica’s
    it also has 8.1 mpx camera with LED flash. unlike that of 3.2″ of the spica with no flash.

    and the processing power is another difference, the spica having no dedicated graphics processor while the X10 has the 1Ghz Snapdragon system on a chip cpu+gpu combined.

    also the ram (responsible for multi-tasking), the X10 is much higher than the 128MB of spica

    if you’re a media junky go for the X10 or wait for the Galaxy S.
    or if you just wanna try out Android, go for the spica.

  62. eta says:

    woww.. slim ya

  63. chai says:

    with black colour make it seem elegant.. i like it

  64. gwhiz says:

    Samsung i5800 you guys..yep thats i5-8-00

    the design is really getting outdated. its like the Heidi Klum of phones..bombshell at first then got married..had kids..cellulites appeared..maybe a few surgeries here & there and still modeling! rawr!

  65. I’m thinking of selling my one-month old Samsung Spica. Android 2.1 already. 10k. Reason, i’m getting a blackberry. Anyone interested, email me – arnold [at]

  66. Mutia says:

    This phone rocks!

  67. I recently purchased this. Upgraded it to 2.1 myself. For those finding a numeric keypad, you may try Better Keyboard :) It has a T9 Keypad setting which makes it a breeze to type with – especially if you’re so used to the typical keypad ;D

  68. selly says:

    just bought it.. really cool..

  69. operacreed says:

    getting rid of my 7 week old spica ….. very very soon, after i get my pre ordered Galaxy S which was recently launched in Europe (far ahead than the USA).

    Twas a great entry level first time Android experience.

    To be able to synch gmail and other google applications was the clincher. Mine is now fring-capable but havent figured out Google Voice.

    To be able to know the global whereabouts of immediate family members (not spying though) via Latitude and instantaneously send them a msg or chat is so far a thrill.

    Am no IT expert but a plain user wanting to get to most of my limited funds. Android just surpassed iphone’s capabilities.

  70. roiji says:

    hahaha i love swype..
    i type far more accurately now than the stock keyboard nor, the another similar product, shapewritter.
    it also saves other words that you have already typed/sent like ‘ako’, ‘naman’, ‘papunta’, or ‘hahaha’ so that you can swipe them next time.

  71. Yette says:

    Hi! I would just like to ask, I’m planning to buy either this or the X10, but I’m a first timer when it comes to Android, and I would just like to know what would be better to purchase, not as a “testing cp” or whatever, but for long time use. Kind of. Thanks :)

  72. ikilobo says:

    so slim gadget, i got one…

  73. ikilobo says:

    spica is spicy…

  74. operacreed says:

    1.what droids have that Iphone G4 does not and may never have – – – -SWYPE!!!!

    2.Droid users MEET UP and UNITE with apps “ANDROIDS AROUND 2” via market.

  75. zakki says:

    great mobile phone

  76. operacreed says:

    Pahinga muna on spica matters this lazy sunday morning…

    watch all 101 goals scored in the elimination round of the 2010 FIFA World Cup….

  77. kingtsy says:

    Mga Sir help naman.

    Paano sine setup APN?

    Kasi from Setting -> Wireless & Networks -> Mobile Networks -> Network Operators

    Tapos from then and choices are: Search Network and Select Automatically.

    Walang manuel choice. Pag pinili mo SUN, wala ng mangyayari.

    Thanks sa help.


  78. kikomatsing says:

    may alam ba kayo FREE app to view and edit office documents?

  79. operacreed says:


    am not partial to any carrier. somehow my smart internet connection keeps on logging off and erases all APN info.
    got me instead a GLOBE TATTOO prepaid simcard. they reconfigured my spica’s APN and later asked me to text TIME to 1111 which allowed me mobile internet access ON DEMAND.
    now i really do not know if the ff: works on a non Tattoo conventional sim card. Try to the ff:

    setting>wireless & networks>mobile networks>access points names>then left click to New APN

    input the ff:

    name: myglobe internet
    MCC: 515
    MNC: 02
    APN type: your choice

    everything else LEAVE BLANK, then save

    this should work cause i never had problems since. dont know about SUN.

    go to MARKET and download app QUICK SETTING..install widget on main screen and this will allow you to alternately use WIFI and 3G.

  80. kingtsy says:

    Thanks operacreed. Cguro I will just bring my spica to sun cell para sila mag setup. Hehehe.

    Thanks again.

  81. Kian says:

    Does this have a 3×4 keypad touch? I’ve been searching it for so long. when i watched a review of this, it has. but, when i tried it, i can’t. Ugh.

  82. Shmoo says:

    I tried your suggestion but I use a non-Tatoo prepaid sim card.

    And I am still unable to browse the internet thru my phone.

    I guess I have to pay a visit to a Globe center and ask them how to setup my spica. :)

    Your suggestion was very helpful though, thanks a lot. :D

  83. operacreed says:

    Try turning off your WIFI connection before activating 3G. Install QUICK SETTING to accomplish this task.

  84. operacreed says:

    This is a welcomed development for droids who regularly search and download apps using Market or scanning QR codes from host websites.

    First, Install both APPBRAIN and FAST WEB INSTALL from Market (u will be prompted to log in using your gmail account).

    APPBRAIN then enables you to DIRECTLY install apps to your phone from the web.

    What a time saver. Amazing.

    @shmoo… TY.hope all is well with your spica.

  85. Shmoo says:

    Unfortunately all is not well. :(
    I have deactivated the WiFi before activating APN Controls. I just reset it to default a few moments ago (I gave up lol).

    Here are the default APN settings:
    Name: myGlobe Internet
    MCC: 515
    MNC: 02
    Authentication type: PAP
    APN type: internet

    I sent Time to 1111 and it informed me that I am on time browsing and not kb browsing.

    I’ll be heading to a mall (Festival Mall) this weekend hopefully there is a Globe Business center there that can help me, the Customer Service was unable to help saying that the service for spica is unavailable. *scratched my head on that*

  86. Xandrouz says:

    hi guys, any idea kung saang globe business center ang may stock at available pa ang samsung spica? kasi sa SM Batangas and Robinsons Manila puro out of stock. Gusto ko na bumili. >.<

  87. ardhan says:

    i wonder it have higher RAM

  88. Wreek says:

    Panu mo mag upgrade sa 2.1fw i got 1.5 kc

  89. Wreek says:

    Hindi ako makapag upgrade sa pc studio 7

  90. leemar says:

    samsung is offering it na, and android 2.1 na version nila. sa samsung na lang kayo bili open line pa. mas mahal nga lang compare sa globe. around 15k+ for 12 months installment, sa globe kasi 14k+ lang pede pa installment.

  91. kingtsy says:

    @ operacreed

    Sun 3G now working in my spica courtesy of Sun customer service in sm megamall.

    To all spica user with Sun sim, bring your unit sa megamall instead sa sm north cyberzone for the setting.

    Thanks to all.

  92. operacreed says:

    Glad to be of help!!!Write down sun’s apn settings for future reference, just in case ma-erase accidentally like what happened to me using smart sim.

    Create the Globe APN urself (dont use the default) following above June 30 instructions. Mali ang APN name mo. And select the authentication type NONE.

    Subok lang and if not working, try Globe at Cyberzone SM Mega which reconfigured my Spica. If thats close enough for you.

    Visit samsung service center at Bonaventure Bldg ortigas ave near corner wilson fronting Greenhills shopping center. they do free 2.1 upgrades.

  93. roiji says:

    actually it’s:

    captivate = fascinate = vibrant = epic = galaxy s

  94. wreek888 says:

    ask ko lang bkit pag naka 3g ako nag rereboot ang spica o nag ha hang? im using globe and my spica is 2.1 eclair

  95. patricia says:

    For all spica users, is it true that you can only save applications to the phone’s internal memory? Does it pose as a limitation for you in terms of maximizing the spica’s potential???;)

    thank you! ;)

  96. Thanks for the nice article, I’m eagerly waiting for my Samsung Captivate through T-Mobile once they formally confirm that they’re carrying it. I was in my local store today and experienced a hold of their own dummy unit. It looks and feels significantly better than I thought. This is going to be the cell phone to have. Never mind the iPhone 4g, the Galaxy S is where it’s at. As for me, I’m upgrading from a Samsung Pixon after an 18 month contract and am glad to have finally settled on the Galaxy S. The decision process was fraught with many, many hours of investigation on the web. I was close to an HTC Desire and actually closer to an Xperia X10 but then, from out of nowhere, I came across the review of the Galaxy S and it just does everything so well.

  97. wij says:

    Woow, that’s awesome gadget with wonderful feature !
    I love the design, it’s cool..

  98. operacreed says:

    SWIFTKEY . . . .A possible replacement or alternative to SWYPE.

  99. oky says:

    wowhh… it’s cool… this gadget so creative…

  100. rifky says:

    nice gadget..!!

  101. leemar says:

    makano na lang ngaun ang spica?

  102. operacreed says:

    @leemar with the Galaxy S available, price should drop from high P13,800 in May. Do shop around.

    from androinica…….got all of them except Facebook..
    The Top 10 Apps among AppBrain users are:

    Google Maps: 99.1% (preloaded on phone)
    Facebook: 84.9% (preloaded on most phones)
    Barcode Scanner: 63.8% (rose to top section in Android’s infancy, popular for QR code scanning)
    Google Goggles: 50.5% (top app, made by Google, popular for QR code/image recognition)
    Astro File Manager: 49.3% (rose to top in Android’s infancy, top rated file explorer)
    Shazam: 46.7% (rose to top in Android’s infancy)
    Amazon MP3: 46.3% (preloaded on phone)
    Google Sky Map: 43.5% (top app, made by Google)
    Advanced Task Killer: 37.1% (top rated task killing app) HIGHLY RECOMMENDED BATTERY SAVER
    Pandora: 34.3% (most popular audio streaming app)

  103. Wreek says:

    Tumaas na 14100 latest pa wala na kasi ang model

  104. Shmoo says:

    I purchased mine sa SM Megamall for 13,700.

    I went to a Globe Center in Festival Mall and they said that my number was not in their database of registered numbers to provide GPRS service.

    The globe assistance personnel configured my APN settings and told me to wait for an SMS telling me that my number is registered, its been 2 weeks and no SMS came unfortunately.

    I might go back to a Globe center again and make a follow up. Their website states that you have to send a message to 2591 with a pin and wait for a return message to be able to register your number for GPRS service, I guess with a Globe Tattoo sim, it might be different.

    I’m still hopeful to get 3G available on my Spica via Globe. :)

  105. operacreed says:

    @shmoo….. customer service in various carrier centers varies and i sympathize with those getting mixed advice.

    to avoid these problems i purposedly did not transfer my existing postpaid smart SIM to the spica and decided to use a globe tattoo sim instead. Globe surpasses all carriers for mobile broadband per for everyones information. Not an endorsement though but a real tested fact at wag taung mag bulag bulagan. Efficient and dedicated service for our hard earned money.,10/Philippines/

    As u fully described, i encountered the same prob when i transitioned to Galaxy S. i had to go the SM Mega to have my tattoo sim configured and added to the gprs database. All these done in minutes.

  106. dumplings says:

    I’m planning to get the Spica for my Dad. But the last time I was able to test the phone there was no Chinese text input. Is there a way we could install or make it possible to have Chinese input when making SMS?

    Coz I saw in Samsung’s Singapore website, they have Chinese pinyin Input

  107. I’m selling my 2 month old Spica. Globe, unlocked. No scratch. P9k. Contact me

  108. jeff says:

    i want to ask on how to use the installed THEMES/WALLPAPERS.. i really cant use it.. its already installed but dont know how to use it.. tnx!!!

  109. maces says:

    has anybody encountered problems regarding voip apps (gtalk, skype, fring) on their spica? i use voip a lot and i’ve read that the spica has several issues with the well known voip clients.

  110. dongv says:

    just got a spica, but why I only have 1 keyboard, the android keyboard, no samsung keyboard etc,
    also what are the must have utils or apps to use with spica? kindly give some hints to start with,
    what are the must do or must haves for this baby?
    many TIA

  111. Caloy says:

    I’m really not familiar with the android pardon the question.

    Would upgrading the firmware to 2.1 allow the Spica to have multitouch features, like pinch to zoom? Thanks for the help!

  112. roiji says:

    up grading to 2.1 will not enable multi-touch.
    as far as i know, multi-touch in spica is not possible at hardware level.

  113. javee says:

    Hi,sino may alam ng price ng spica ngaun sa globe?

  114. jane says:

    good day po, di po ako makapag-decide which phone to buy. alin po ba mas maganda ang features?
    HTC Tattoo, Samsung Galaxy,Samsung Wave, o meron pa pong better na phones na within the price po ng tatlong yan?

  115. roiji says:

    try the HTC Wildfire. It’s more recent.

  116. idlewild says:

    @roiji: the i5700 is very capable of multi-touch at the hardware level. it’s just that samsung hasn’t release the driver that can take full advantage of it. however, the good folks at samdroid have a working multi-touch implementation:

  117. roiji says:

    yes i just knew a few days ago..
    i’m gonna try to flash my spica in a few moments and hopefully everything works!


  118. roiji says:

    and.. i think i bricked my phone… huhu’

    ayaw nang mag boot after i flashed it.. hahaha

  119. roiji says:

    got it to finally work :)
    my phone isn’t bricked after all ^^,

    multi-touch works in Google Maps, the Browser, and in Gallery (3D gallery) >:)

    it’s not as accurate as the one in iPod touch or iPhone but it works!

  120. Caloy says:

    Multitouch! *drools*

    @roiji: what did you flash to your phone?

  121. roiji says:

    SamdroidMod Version 1.3.1.deodexed [XXJH1] (Android 2.1)
    Kernel [LK2.09.5 (multitouch driver as module qt5480.ko)]
    LauncherPro []
    XDA Phone.apk [v.29]
    HTC IME keyboard
    Google services (Maps 4.4.0, Market, GMail, etc.)
    WiFi Tether [2.0-pre10]
    Gallery3D – No background version
    LiveWallPaper support + Nexus WallPapers
    Win7-Nexus Bootanimation
    DVM ARM11 optimized

    I don’t recommend the LiveWallpaper support.
    – It doesn’t look that good on the small screen.
    – slows down the swiping of the homescreen
    – eats the battery A LOT since the processor is not that powerful and no GPU.

    I have no problems except with installing Swype.

    The Nexus boot animation is just awesome!!

  122. jks says:

    spica or wildfire? why? pros and cons thank you!

  123. leemar says:

    After months of thinking i finally bought my very own android, i bought spica for my sister, but its not for me, i bought motorola milestone very rare here in the philippines.and its wonderful.

  124. ryzen says:

    this or sony ericson x8?

  125. kenneth says:

    any info about the 2.2 upgrade?

  126. jamby says:

    anybody having problems with incoming call??? i can’t hear the person calling me…

    pls advice…

  127. Specialuser says:

    just tried custom-made froyo ROM on this handset, it worked and it’s faster. (“,)

  128. dongv says:

    how & where to get it?

  129. specialuser says:

    It’s available across forums… Notably Site is not very user-friendly though. There’s a “kitchen” there where you can “cook” your own ROM (Samdroid kitchen). Afterwhich, you can force an update (via recovery) to insert SAMDROID turbo (a.k.a Frozen Eclair). The latter uses the engine of Froyo, supposedly. Linpack benchmark reports 4x the speed (from 2 to 4). And it feels quicker. Just read the cautions, etc.

  130. specialuser says:

    correction: (from 2 to 8 MFLOPS)

  131. chadsea says:

    i’m planning to buy this as my starter android but i really don’t know how to root, etc… i’m a total noob but just curious coz of the many positive reviews on spica… been reading samdroid forum but it would be better if a kababayan would help out in case i brick my phone or something like that… :) may pinoy forum ba for spica users or mayroon bang pwedeng mag-assist/gumawa to enhance my spica… and magkano in case magpapatulong? :) TIA! :)

  132. Kristie23 says:

    im selling my spica for 10k. it came with my globe postpaid but im not much into touch screen. still less than a month old,no scratches,still smooth and shiny. complete with box. contact me if interested:09178138464

  133. jared says:

    I kinda modified mine. I upgraded it to Gingerbread and it works. However, idk how to fix or where to get camera and video drivers. My cam and vid does not work. Now, I’m only using it as an internet phone, I have IMO where i can use skype, ym and facebook chat..and more.. I have twitter caster and fb caster too. SO who can help me fix the cam and vid? I hope someone is kind to hel me out… and where i can get APNdroid, I cant find it in Android market???

  134. jared says:

    adding my twitter so u can i get to see the response right away

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