Top 10 Mobile Brands in the Philippines Ranked by Facebook Pages

Whether we like it or not, social media, especially Facebook, is something that’s already a part of our daily lives. From the perspective of brands, they use it to disseminate information, announce promos, and in general gain a huge following. If you’re wondering which smartphone companies in the Philippines have the most supporters on Facebook, we put together this list that shows just that. Here are the top 10 mobile brands in the country as ranked by their Facebook likes.

Note: The exact figures below were compiled during the time of writing and would change over time. If you want to be a subscriber of these pages, just hit the link for each brand.

UPDATE: Oct. 21, 2015 – List updated to include Kata PH, Acer PH, Cloudfone, and Ekotek.

10. HuaweiDevicePH921,329 followers


9. Microsoft Lumia Philippines956,575 followers

8. OPPO Philippines1,004,040 followers

7. Torque1,048,000 followers


6. Cherry Mobile1,080,666 followers

Yugatech 728x90 Reno7 Series


5. MyPhone1,923,075 followers


4. Kata Philippines2,243,150 followers

3. Samsung Mobile Philippines2,672,292 followers


2. Happy Man by Starmobile3,619,418 followers


1. ALCATEL ONETOUCH7,423,399 followers


Here are other smartphone brands that didn’t make the cut:
11. Acer Philippines878,163 followers
12. Firefly Mobile877,286 followers
13. Skk Mobile Phone831,833 followers
14. Lenovo Mobile Philippines664,880 followers
15. Sony Mobile PH620,346 followers
16. LG Mobile Philippines615,431 followers
17. Cloudfone577,271 followers
18. ASUS Philippines509,114 followers
19. O+ USA299,709 followers
20. DTC Mobile241,702 followers
21. Meizu Philippines64,043 followers
22. Motorola Philippines58,750 followers
23. Mi Philippines45,661 followers
24. Blackview Philippines14,401 followers
25. Ekotek6,226 followers

Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments field below.

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16 Responses

  1. Avatar for Francis Martin P. Cabajes Francis Martin P. Cabajes says:

    No, Nokia Mobile? ??

  2. proud to be an Alcatel F2 owner hehe

  3. Just thinking….. are the Facebook Pages of Mac Power (536,176 Likes) and Beyond the Box (438,938 Likes) officially representing the iPhone in the Philippines? Or should it be represented by the manufacturer, Apple Computers, which unfortunately doesn’t have a Philippine office?

  4. Avatar for Imagi Imagi says:

    Nokia/Microsoft lumia wala?

  5. Avatar for huawei huawei says:

    Mi Philippines is XIAOMI

  6. Avatar for allaner allaner says:

    Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments field below

    X I A O M I.

  7. Hi Kevin! You forgot KATA PHILIPPINES . It has 2,242,648 likes as I write my comment. Aside from that you also forgot ACER PHILIPPINES with 878,163 likes, EKOTEK with 6,226 likes, CLOUDFONE with 577,254 likes. You have to edit this article. Thanks.

  8. This article does not represent ALL mobile phones available in the country. KATA PHILIPPINES Facebook Page ( currently has 2,241,849 Facebook fans, likers or followers, which means it is suppose to be in the number four spot.

  9. Avatar for istingki istingki says:

    ang ALCATELONETOUCHphilippines pala ay global… aba ang galing ano po

  10. Patawa, Global page yung sa Alcatel xD

    • Avatar for JAMES JAMES says:

      Did you just check the URL, sir?

    • Avatar for JAMES JAMES says:

      And contents are intended for PH cunsumers. :) Like Lazada PH.

    • Mukhang ikaw nakakatawa sir. Have you even checked the page? Puro Philippines na nga e. Last most recent event was the Photo Walk 2015 held at Quiapo. Nasaan ba Quiapo? Nasa China? Hehehehehe. Bitter ka lang ata sa brand mo at di naka top 1?

    • Avatar for Ian Bolipata Ian Bolipata says:

      it is a global page. you can change the country on the options on the side to another one. those who commented that it isn’t are not facebook admin for page. therefore not aware of the existence of a merged global page which you can custom the content per country but shows you the total number of fans in all countries.

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