Vivo V9: Dual Rear Cameras, Full View Display with a Notch

Vivo joins the plethora of brands jumping on the “phone notch” bandwagon with reports of an upcoming new smartphone release called the V9.

Yugatech 728x90 Reno7 Series

The new all-screen smartphone from the brand takes on the notch design and offers a near-borderless experience with a full view display. Rumored specifications include dual rear cameras and an improved 24-megapixel Clear Selfie Camera from the V7 series if we are to check on teaser posts from various countries.

The Economic Times reports that the Vivo V9 will be launching in India this March 27th with a rumored INR25,000 or around Php20,000 when directly converted. Other countries in Southeast Asia are likely to follow suit with their own respective launches in the coming weeks, so it’s a no-brainer that we’re likely to get this as well during this summer season.

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  1. Avatar for Lee Lee says:

    will the vivo v9 get a video and image stabilization update?

  2. how much monhtly plan for vivo7+

  3. Avatar for Sedd Sedd says:

    Good news! Apple is reportedly going to remove iphone’s notch next year.

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