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Affinity 2.5 update released, first since Canva acquisition

The Affinity creative suite added new key features via their latest update 12 , the first since the company’s acquisition by Canva. The Affinity 2.5 update is live, free, and available now for interested users.

The highlighted recipients of the new features are Affinity Photo, Affinity Designer, and Affinity Publisher. Variable font support, a new Stroke Width tool, and optimization for Windows users are examples of what the update offers.

With the addition of variable fonts for all Affinity apps, more possibilities with typographic design have been opened up. It not only provides predefined font styles (light, bold, or condensed), but a better degree of user control with text design.

Meanwhile, the new Stroke Width tool gives users an on-document means of editing the pressure profile of any curve. This is located alongside the Pencil Tool in the Affinity Designer toolbar.

The Pencil Tool also comes with a new curve-smoothing algorithm for better overall results. In addition, a new QR code tool is now available from the shapes flyout in the toolbar for all Affinity apps.

Affinity is also the first creative suite to be fully optimized for Windows PCs with the latest Snapdragon X Elite chip. Users of the new devices will notice incredible speed improvements, from simple edits to complex multilayered documents.

“Since the inception of Affinity, we’ve been fixated on performance, wanting to produce the fastest, smoothest creative experience possible. The new Snapdragon X Elite range allows Affinity to perform at its full potential, and we’re now seeing speeds on much smaller, lightweight devices that were previously only possible with high-end desktop PCs,” said Affinity lead developer Andy Somerfield.

Affinity CEO Ashley Hewson also mentioned that continual updates remain at the core of the company’s ethos. He also said that the team is already working hard for Affinity’s next steps moving forward.

What do you guys think about the Affinity 2.5 update? Let us know in the comment section below!

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