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Apple reportedly to introduce an iPhone Ultra by 2024

Apple may soon be adding a new model into its iPhone lineup that may be its most premium iPhone yet according to the report of Apple news analyst Mark Gurman.

He suggests and predicts that an iPhone “Ultra” model could soon make its way by Apple’s 2024 iPhone release.

Iphone 14 Pro Pro Max

The report also comes soon after Apple CEO Tim Cook addressed investors on an earnings call on which he emphasized that consumers are willing to spend more and pay up for for the best iPhone they can get their hands on.

Gurman suggested that the next iPhone 15 lineup will see Apple further differentiate the Pro and non-Pro models with differentiating materials, processors, and cameras such as the next iPhone 15 Pro Max expected to carry a periscore lens for improved optical zoom.

Iphone 14 Pro Pro Max 1

He also suggested that instead of simply renaming its highest end Pro Max model to “Ultra”, Apple may just add another higher end iPhone alongside its Pro models.

However, it is expected that the new “Ultra” model won’t arrive until at least the iPhone 16 lineup in 2024.

Iphone 14 Series

Gurman also suggested that its price would certainly be driven up with even more upgrades such as further camera improvements, faster processors, and even larger displays.

However, on the topic of a foldable iPhone, Gurman has stated that he doesn’t expect one launching anytime soon. Leaving the chance on an iPhone “Ultra” being an iPhone foldable smartphone up to speculation in future reports.

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