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Chrome on iOS gets improved protection against phishing and malware

Google has announced 5 new features coming to Chrome on iOS that will help iPhone and iPad users.

The most notable feature is the addition of Enhanced Safe Browsing to Chrome on iOS. Google says this would give users more proactive and tailored protection against phishing and malware.

Chrome Security

Enhanced Safe Browsing will predict and notify you if web pages may be dangerous by sending them to Google Safe Browsing to be checked. The feature is said to also warn you if your username and password have been compromised by a third-party data breach and will later then prompt you to change them.

Other features include Google Password Manager now being able to autofill passwords on any app on iOS. The new update also sees Chrome’s startup page updated to make it easier to start a new search, access frequently visited sites, or return to recent tabs.


Google will also be updating its language identification model to help translate websites faster in your preferred language.

Lastly, Google introduced Chrome Actions to iOS. The feature allows you clear browsing data, open an incognito tab, or set chrome as a default browser by just typing into the address bar.


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