Facebook rolls out End-to-End Encryption for Messenger voice and video calls

Facebook rolls out End-to-End Encryption for Messenger voice and video calls

Facebook has announced that they are rolling out the option to make voice and video calls end-to-end encrypted on Messenger.

Facebook has offered the option to secure users’ one-on-one text chats with end-to-end encryption back in 2016. This time they are including calls and videos to this security if the user chooses to do so. The content of messages and calls in an end-to-end encrypted conversation is protected from the moment it leaves the user’s device to when it reaches the receiver’s device. Meaning that nobody, even Facebook, can see or listen to what is being sent or said.

Additionally, Facebook has updated the expiring message feature within their end-to-end encrypted chats. The update will now provide more options for users in chat when choosing the amount of time before all new messages disappear, from 5 seconds to 24 hours.


In the coming weeks, Facebook plans to grant some people access to test more features that give greater privacy and security in their conversations. These upcoming features include:

End-to-end encrypted group chats and calls in Messenger – This test will be between friends and family that already have an existing group chat. The test will also cover user delivery controls that work with end-to-end encrypted chats. This allows users to control unwanted interactions by deciding who can reach the chat list, who goes to the request folder, and who can or cannot message.

Opt-in end-to-end encryption for Instagram DMs – This limited test will be available in certain countries, allowing users to opt-in to end-to-end encrypted messages and calls for one-on-one conversations on Instagram.

Source: Facebook

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