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Globe tops The Method Research mobile operators survey

Globe has just announced that they have topped the Method Research 2021 mobile operators survey. Globe lead in four categories in the Mobile Network Operators 2021 report in the Philippines.

This was released for the first time by international company The Method Research. Globe lead topped network coverage, internet speed, digital marketing campaigns, and price competitiveness amid intense industry competition.

The international market research firm conducted the survey in the fourth quarter of last year. Based on the results, 33.63% of respondents picked Globe in terms of best network coverage, followed by Smart (32.93), TNT (11.93%), DITO (10.89%), and Sun Cellular (1.95%).

Globe was also the top choice when it comes to internet speed, with 31.55% total respondents.

Likewise, Globe topped the list in terms of competitive pricing, picked by 27.46% of respondents for the category, followed by Smart with 19.27%, DITO with 17.13%, TM at 17%, TNT at 14.67%, and Sun Cellular with 4.41%. Respondents ranked it first in terms of digital marketing campaigns, topping the survey with 38.29%, Smart at 33.12%, DITO with 10.01%, TNT at 9.32%, and TM 8.31%.

Covering 1,593 respondents nationwide, the survey sought to understand and gather general insights on the Filipino population’s perceptions and preferences on the mobile phone network operator sector in the Philippines.

Almost a third of the respondents or 32.2% were 18-24 years old, 23.8% were aged 25 -34, and 22% were in the 35-44 age range. The rest were 45 years old and above. More than half or 52.3% of the respondents were male, while 47.7% were female. Over half of them, 56.2%, were from Luzon, 21.1% were from Visayas, and 22.7% were from Mindanao.

“The results of the new survey affirm that Globe prevails as a trusted brand among Filipinos. We are thankful to our customers for believing in us and staying with us. We will continue our efforts to deliver a #1stWorldNetwork and affordable products and services that meet the changing needs and demands of our customers,” said Ernest Cu, Globe President and Chief Executive Officer.

The Method Research said competition among mobile operators in the Philippines is now fiercer than ever with the entry of DITO.

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