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Google Meet limits calls for free users

Google has set a time limit for calls made by three people or more using Google Meet.

When Google made Meet available for consumers all across the globe in April 2020, Google said it wouldn’t impose a call limit until September of the same year. That deadline was then further extended to June of this year.

Now, Google has finally set a time limit of 60 minutes for free users of Gmail. This only applies to calls made with three or more people. Google Meet will notify you at the 55-minute mark that your call is about to end. A new link will have to be generated if you want to continue your call at the end of the 60-minute time limit.

One-on-one calls still have a limit of 24-hours. However, if you want to have continuous calls for an entire day, Google has just launched an upgrade worth USD 9.99 called Workspace Individual tier, currently only available in 5 countries.

Signing up gives you a premium Google Meet experience with longer group calls (up to 24 hours), recording, automatic audio enhancements (e.g., noise cancellation), join by phone, breakout rooms, polls, and hand-raising. Meanwhile, you get “shareable booking pages” that are similar in nature to Google Forms that integrate with Google Calendar. Your availability will automatically update to avoid conflicts.

Source: Google

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