Google rolling out Star feature in Google Tasks

Google just released a new update for Google Tasks which gives users the option to prioritize their tasks by putting a ‘Star mark’.

Google Tasks Star Update

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With this new feature to Google’s task manager app called ‘Tasks’, users are more empowered and can be more organized in prioritizing their activities or important tasks. Google also added an ability for users to sort and view star-marked tasks separately in a different or new view. This feature is now available on Android, iOS, and web apps. To put a star mark on a task, just tap on the outline of the star icon that appears next to all listed tasks. Once the icon turns blue, it means that the task has been prioritized.

This function actually existed in Google Drive so it’s a good thing that it expanded to ‘Tasks ’. To view a user’s star-marked tasks, tap on the hamburger icon, and an option to view only starred tasks will appear. Based on Google, they’ll be gradually rolling out the new feature to all workspace users which may take up to fifteen (15) days to appear.

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