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Google testing out expiring e-mails in upcoming Gmail update

Google is going all James Bond with the introduction of a new Gmail feature that “self-destructs” messages after a set time. The tech giant is calling the new feature as “confidential mode” and it will arrive in the upcoming new update.

Image by Techcrunch

A tipster of Techcrunch revealed all the pertinent information about this new feature. As mentioned earlier, Confidential Mode lets users configure an expiration date on their e-mails, which can range from a week, a month, or years. E-mails sent in this mode can’t be forwarded, copy, pasted, downloaded, or even printed by the recipient. Senders are also given the option of asking the recipient to confirm their identity using a passcode sent via text.

Image by Techcrunch

On the recipient side, a person that was using the current version of Gmail received a link to view the mail. After which, they were prompted to login their Google account once again. As for whether this feature will support non-Gmail users, we’ve yet to know. The update is expected to arrive in a few weeks, once it does we’ll be checking this new feature more.

source: Techcrunch

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