Google's Material Design changes leak online

Google’s Material Design changes leak online

We’re no strangers to Google’s Material Design. In fact, we’ve been seeing it a lot lately on Gmail, Chrome, and even Google Maps. Although, it seems like the tech giant has grander plans for it.


A video (see above) has surfaced online detailing the major changes and features we can expect from their Material Design. It actually first got posted on Vimeo but was pulled down. Luckily, some people were able to download the video and re-upload it on twitter.

Most of the changes are just minimal, like the shift in the position of the Android Floating Action Button. There are, however, big changes like the new Sans font, which will most likely replace both Product Sans and Roboto in all of Google’s properties.

We also saw a lot of minor tweaks on the overall design as we now see lighter icons and a whole lot of white. Lastly, the video sheds some light on how Google Apps will look like once they transition to Material Design.

source: R?MIN N?SIBOV
via: GSMArena

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