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Infinix intros 260W, 110W wireless ‘All-Round FastCharge’ tech

Infinix has unveiled its latest charging technology, the All-Round FastCharge, which features 260W wired and 110W wireless charging.

Infinix 260w Fast Charging Fi

The solution enables charging a battery from 0 to 25% within a minute and reaching up to 100% in only under 8 minutes, wired. While it takes 16 minutes to charge full wirelessly.

This new technology builds upon Infinix’s 180W ThunderCharge by upgrading from a dual 8C battery to a single 12C battery with a 4-pump circuit design that identifies power requirements and allocates the number of necessary charge pumps.

The charging efficiency has been reported to reach 98.5%, with the 4,400 mAh test battery retaining 90% of its initial capacity after 1,000 cycles.

Additionally, Infinix has developed a cable that can carry a current of up to 13A, which ensures 260W charging.

The charger utilizes GaN material and AHB circuit infrastructure, providing high power density, small size, and safe charging control.

The 110W wireless charging uses custom-made small-sensitive coils with different architectures, featuring fewer but wider coils in the same space. This reduces internal resistance and consequently reduces the phone’s temperature when charging.

A custom-made charger rated at 110W, features a dual-coil design that enables both vertical and horizontal charging, equipped with an exhaust fan at the base for silent-air cooling.

This new technology supports reverse charging, bypass charging, and multi-protocol charging. Additionally, it is compatible with other protocols such as Power Delivery 3.0.

Infinix has confirmed that this new charging technology will be available on an upcoming Infinix Note smartphone later this year.

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