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Lazada Time Tunnel feature rolls out

To mark its 7th Birthday Sale, Lazada silently rolled out their Time Tunnel feature, allowing users to get interesting statistics about their time with Lazada.

Lazada Time Tunnel 1 • Lazada Time Tunnel Feature Rolls Out

The Lazada Time Tunnel feature gives you info like the day you joined Lazada, your first purchase, and how much you’ve spent shopping on the platform. Lazada even gives you badge at the end based on your shopping behavior.

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Lazada Time Tunnel 5 • Lazada Time Tunnel Feature Rolls Out

Lazada Time Tunnel 6 • Lazada Time Tunnel Feature Rolls Out

To check out Time Tunnel, you’ll need to open your Lazada app on your smartphone or tablet, tap on the Account tab then the Time Tunnel icon will pop-up on the lower right. Just tap on it and you’re good to go.

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Lazada Time Tunnel 4 • Lazada Time Tunnel Feature Rolls Out

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