LG successfully demos 6G THz Band transmission

LG successfully demos 6G THz Band transmission

LG has revealed that they have successfully transmitted 6G transmission technology using the terahertz spectrum. LG says this milestone was achieved last week in Berlin, Germany, in partnership with Berlin-based research firm, Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft.

According to LG, the milestone was achieved when it successfully transmitted data outdoors for a range of 100 meters. The company has also developed a new power amplifier with Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, which will help deliver stable 6G signals on the terahertz spectrum. The power amp can deliver a maximum output signal of 15-decibel milliwatts to achieve stable communication in the 155-175GHz band.


Moreover, LG has also developed adaptive beamforming and high-gain antenna switching technologies for 6G communications. This will boost research on 6G network technology.

The company also noted that 6G networks would be able to support faster wireless transmission and communication speeds with low latency and high reliability.

Source: LG

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