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LG unveils OLED EX TV display technology

LG Display unveils OLED EX, their next-generation display technology combining deuterium compounds, an isotope of hydrogen, to give a brighter display. LG uses personalized algorithms to help boost the innovative display for the overall quality and brightness by 30 percent ensuring OLED stability and efficiency.


With EX Technology, OLED EX displays create a new level of picture accuracy and more realistic details and colors without distortion – such as sunlight reflections on a river or individual views of a tree leaf. LG Displays upgraded their design through the new OLED EX technology reducing bezel thickness from 6mm to 4mm based on 65-inch OLED displays. LG Displays claim that they plan to integrate the technology into all OLED TV displays manufactured in South Korea, and China starting from the second quarter of 2022. Reducing the bezel gives the display a more immersive viewing experience while still delivering a sleek and premium design.

Source: LG

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