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Logitech announces ChatGPT shortcut for peripherals

Just this week, Logitech announced a new feature on their blog , a dedicated ChatGPT shortcut supported by their peripherals.

This was made as a means to utilize artificial intelligence in simplifying workflows. But despite AI already being an easy way to cut corners, Logitech has provided us with means to optimize this.

And what better way than to have a dedicated shortcut to ChatGPT straight from our mouse or keyboard?

With a Logitech keyboard or mouse supported by the Logi Options+ app, users use the new Logi AI Prompt Builder.

Users can program their keyboards or mice buttons to access shortcuts for highlighted text. Once activated, an example of how this works is easily paraphrasing or summarizing a block of text.

Additionally, users can also work on inputting their own custom queries. It saves users time from clicking and typing throughout a working session.

The Logi AI Prompt Builder is accessible for free by Windows and Mac users via the aforementioned Logi Options+ app. Logitech also introduced their signature AI Edition Mouse, available exclusively on Logitech.com in the U.S. and U.K. for USD 49.99 (PHP 2,879.97).

As always, we’ll keep readers covered in the future if this mouse with a dedicated ChatGPT shortcut will be available in the Philippines.

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