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Messenger Kids adds more features and tools for parents

Back in 2017, Facebook launched Messenger Kids after learning that parents want more control over their kids’ online experiences.

As of yesterday, Facebook is adding more tools and features to help manage their child’s experiences. These features can be accessed in the Messenger Kids Parent Dashboard on both the iOS and Android apps. New features include:


  • Recent Contacts and Chat History – Allows you to see who your child has chatted with (including video chatting) over the past 30 days.
  • Log of Images in Chats – Parents can now see the most recent media files their child has sent and received. There’s also an option to remove said files from the message thread and report it.
  • Reported and Blocked Contacts History – Grants access to a list of the list of reporting and blocking actions your child has done. Parents will also get a notification every time their child blocks or reports someone.
  • Remote Device Logout – Allows parents to see all devices where their child has logged on to Messenger Kids. Parents may also log their kids out of any device.
  • Download Your Child’s Information – Parents can request a copy of all their kids’ contacts, messages, images, and videos that they have sent and received. Your child will be notified through the app if parents request to download their information.

The Parent Dashboard be accessed by tapping on the shortcut menu in the Facebook app and scrolling to the Messenger Kids icon. Parents with multiple kids can choose whose account they’re going to manage to access their specific dashboard.

Messenger Kids is available on Android, iOS, and Amazon devices, although it isn’t available in the country just yet. We’ll announce its availability once Facebook adds support for the Philippines.

If you want to learn more, you can check out Facebook’s official blog post here.

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