Microsoft rolls out redesigned Windows 10 icons

Microsoft rolls out redesigned Windows 10 icons

Microsoft has started to roll out redesigned icons for Windows 10. In 2019, Microsoft unveiled the redesigned Windows logo, as well as about 100 icons.

The redesigned Windows 10 icons come as a part of Microsoft Design Team’s multi-year effort to have a fluent design system across the board. Microsoft’s Design Team stated that while updating the operating system’s iconography, they didn’t want to move away from the established icons people are already familiar with.


The team “introduced depth and color” to the iconography and allowed them to be consistent with apps outside of Windows. They also stated, “The new rounded corners across the Windows 10 interface achieve the same goal: making these icons feel like they live in the real world; something familiar and approachable to grab onto.

The rollout has begun with the Calendar and Mail apps. Over the coming months, consumers will begin seeing the new icons as app updates from the Microsoft store.

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