Microsoft teams up with Intel, announces Project Evo

Microsoft teams up with Intel, announces Project Evo

Microsoft is once again expanding its scope and is going for bringing Cortana to consumers’ homes by introducing Project Evo — an upcoming Windows 10 feature that works like Amazon’s Echo and Google Home.


Basically, it will be a household assistant that waits and listens to your commands like getting a recipe online, setting reminders, and a whole lot more. Project Evo is a lovechild between Microsoft and Intel that combines hardware, software, and services in offering new products.


“Windows has always been about deep partnerships that marry the best innovation across hardware, software, and services to provide our customers with ground-breaking experiences and great device choices. One of our most important partners making this possible is Intel, and today, I’m thrilled to announce our latest collaboration, codenamed ‘Project Evo,’ said Microsoft.”

According to Microsoft, some of the features of this service include far-field speech communications so users can effortlessly give commands from across the room, security for malware protection and against hacking threats, biometric authentication using Windows Hello, ‘mixed reality experiences’ with affordable PCs/head-mounted displays (HMDs), and even gaming innovations.

Project Evo is just in its early stages so stay tuned as we wait for more details from Microsoft.


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