MMDA to prohibit jeepneys on EDSA

MMDA to prohibit jeepneys on EDSA

The Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) will implement a new system in an attempt to decongest the usual traffic situation along EDSA road. Inquirer reports that Public Utility Jeepneys (PUJs) will no longer be allowed to drive along the entire stretch ‘starting next week’.

MMDA General Manager Tim Orbos told Inquirer that this move for regulation has received support from jeepney transport group leaders Zenaida Maranan (Federation of Jeepney Operators and Drivers Association of the Philippines) and Orlando Marquez (Liga ng Transportasyon at Opereytor sa Pilipinas). The source adds that these two groups were the only ones consulted since they represent the biggest factions of jeepneys traversing EDSA.


However, when the implementation kicks off this coming week, violating jeepneys will receive no fine from the MMDA since they haven’t talked to the transport groups about the penalties yet.

MMDA will reportedly begin this jeepney ban in areas like EDSA-Guadalupe to Pateros, L. Guinto in Manila and Gate 3 in Fort Bonifacio. This will be followed by Roxas Boulevard to Pasay Rotunda, Magallanes, Ayala/McKinley Road, and Pioneer in Mandaluyong.

Orbos also told the media that the MMDA is going lay out barriers from SM Mall of Asia to Pasay Rotunda and EDSA-Magallanes as a dedicated lane for PUJs.


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12 Responses

  1. Mickey Mouse says:

    Get rid of those jeepneys new or old, this mode of transportation is already way too old school, driven by these so-called professionals wearing flip flops, sandos, shorts, no bath, never free from hang over and always wielding a cigarette round the clock! POSSIBLY UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF DRUGS. They don’t know anything about transportation rules and signages. their vehicle is a magnet for horrific accidents waiting to happen!

    • archie says:

      Dapat ibalik nila yung mga mini bus na mura at madaming nasasakay. Higpitan din ang pagbibigay ng lisensya sa 4 wheel vehicles at bikes. Daming gagong driver sa kalye especially yung mga motor na gumigilid palagi sa sidewalk area.

    • just sayin' says:

      Agree! Hopefully our govt will instead implement metro buses that have a fixed route and schedule similar to other first world countries. No quotas needed for the driver so the bus will remain on schedule regardless if full or empty

    • Eddie Wow says:

      Grabe cya

    • Will says:

      Definitely! The Philippine jeepney has always been a symbol of poverty and irresponsibility in the country. It needs to die once and for all if we want actual change to happen. Let’s add the thousands of public vans as well since their drivers behave the same way. Most Filipinos have been spoiled to death by being able to “para” anywhere and anytime.

      The government must make it a point to include the teaching of basic traffic rules in our schools’ curricula and require mandatory seminars for everyone else.

    • ex flarex user says:

      ok sige ok lang mag ban ng jeep pero kayong mga commenter kayo p*tanggala na yan. puro naman kayo diskriminasyon. marangal na trabaho yan sila. may pa drugs drugs pa tong is ogag. tanga mga pang gabi na truck ang mga lango sa droga yan ang nag papa gising sa kanila. kung meron mang dapat i ban yan yung private vehicles. mag hanap kayo ng alternative route. saka yung mga alternative route dpat wlang ni isang sasakyan na nakaparada. kung wlang parking space sa lote nyo dpat bawal magkasasakyan lalo na kung sa malapit na edsa ka nakatira. yayabang ng mga to.

    • eh says:

      Some people here speak from privilege

  2. Jess says:

    Ban jeepneys on ALL highways and urban main roads.

  3. Ed says:

    Ang edsa para sa mass transportation dapat hindi sa mga pribadong behikulo lamang ang nagpapasikip talaga ng lansangan yang mga private vehicle eh isa or dalawa lang naman sakay bugok kasi mga nagdaang administrasyon may pambili klang sasakyan go na d na inisip cause and effect ng maraming pribadong sasakyan…????

    • New User says:

      Maki ka pre. PUVs are the cause of traffic , not the private vehicles, PUVs do not follow traffic rules and block traffic.

  4. brian sanchez says:

    its about time we phase out the very inefficient Jeepneys. But the gov’t should not point fingers at others, they themselves are at fault. Fix the MRT , add more trains. I am sure a lot of people would ride the mrt instead of using their own cars.

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