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MWC 2024: TECNO launches PolarAce Imaging System

At MWC 2024, TECNO PolarAce was launched as the company’s first imaging system.

The development of TECNO PolarAce was built from the company’s collaboration with Sony’s LYTIA. PolarAce was the result of both companies working towards industry-leading technologies to achieve a performance level that can’t be delivered by traditional chipsets.

Sony’s imaging technology met in the middle with TECNO’s goals of meeting user needs to deliver the best solutions for imaging systems. The end result was an imaging chip capable of extreme computing and imaging power, powered by four key components:

Sony Imaging Chip CXD5622GG, FP16 computing, Sony’s LYTIA components, and TECNO’s Universal Tone multi-skin tone imaging with AI imaging technologies.

But in summary, TECNO PolarAce is capable of shooting a 4K 30fps full-scene HDR video with AI noise reduction (AI-NR).

TECNO announced that PolarAce will be available with the upcoming CAMON 30 Premier 5G, set to release in Q2 2024. However, we’ll be sure to let you know for any further developments in this story.

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