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NASA’s Send Your Name to Mars Campaign is taking reservations for the next mission

NASA has been offering people the chance to send their names for quite some time now. With their recent successful launch, they are now accepting reservations for their next mission.

A placard containing the names of 10,932,295 people who participated in NASA’s Send Your Name to Mars campaign.

Once your name is approved, you will be given a boarding pass, and your name will be etched onto a microchip placed aboard the next Mars rover.


Future Mars mission boarding pass.

Users who submit their email address alongside their name will become a “Frequent Flyer.” NASA will track all the missions you’ve participated in, and accumulate the miles you’ve traveled with each mission you join.

Perseverance Rover with the plate with almost 11 million names affixed to the aft crossbeam

The next Mars mission is scheduled for departure on July 2026. You can sign up to the campaign here.

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  1. Wish a von voyage to nasa staff..
    Have a good luck

  2. Mozart says:

    Pleasr don’t send miss AJ Viray..?

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