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NTC: Rebates are good but deadline is better

Apparently, affected Globe subscribers have already escalated their network-related concerns of the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) and the agency urges Globe to take immediate actions.

These network-related concerns such as delayed SMS, difficulty in taking or making a call and slow internet connection was a result of Globe’s “ongoing systems upgrade” to improve their services. The telco deemed this upgrade necessary to address the network congestion brought by the old network which, according to cellular firm’s Chief Financial Officer Albert De Larrazabal, simply can’t handle the sheer volume of traffic going through it.

We’ve already mentioned in our previous post that the telco is working round-the-clock to speed up the process and will be giving rebates for those affected subscribers. Although this action will ease some of the affected subscribers’ frustrations, NTC prefers that the cellular firm submits a deadline of when they’ll be done with the upgrade and constantly inform their customers about the progress of their work.

Globe relies on its networks to provide their services and as time passes and new technologies become available, we think that it’s perfectly normal for Globe, or any other telco for that matter, to upgrade their network to improve their services. Of course, as with any improvements, we can all expect that service interruptions, small and large, are inevitable and are part of the process.

However, it’s the responsibility of the service provider to inform their subscribers about these things beforehand rather than be reactive about it. In addition, it would be best if they can inform their users of the progress of their work and target deadline of when it will be over. Timely information dissemination is the key here.


This article was written by Ronnie Bulaong, a special features contributor and correspondent for YugaTech. Follow him on Twitter @turonbulaong.

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15 Responses

  1. GlobeSubscriber says:

    ang tagal na ng problemang ito… hanggang ngayon walang solusyon… di mo naman pwede ipaputol ang postpaid line mo dahil kaw pa rin ang sisingilin nila sa walang kakwenta kwentang serbisyo nila… dapat dito binabago nila ang contract nila para pwede magpaterminate due to poor service without the termination fee…

    • wha says:

      true, we are tied to either 24 or 12mos locked up period. kahit na pangit ang service nila sa ating mga postpaid subscriber. dapat tlaga may OPTIONS to terminate early if we experienced bad service.

    • ben chan says:

      if you want that option, dont avail of the free phone that comes with your postpaid subscription.

    • angelo says:

      im with you on this.

      sir ben. you might be surprised. they will still charge you admin fee.

  2. tattoo says:

    kainis nga din,pinalitan na nga sim ko but still ganun padin speed ko.minsan lng maka 3mbps,lagi 0.28 to 0.81mbps lng.kaka avail ko lng nga ng 1 month na bill rebates.kakapgOD magreport.sayang din 4500 pag pinaterminate mo

    • jrlacson says:

      ako pinaputol ko n lng broadband.. i just waited for one year.. non-sense n kc eh.. i paid almost 3k i think.. i sold the device for half the price and just subscribed to sun..

  3. Bryan says:

    Customer service: Its more fun in the Philippines. Hehehe.. Why dont they study how other telcos in other countries work so they could have a better idea on how to run their business. As for the broadband? The technology itself sucks. I’ve been in a call center industry particularly telcos and I tell you if they are angry about the service they are angry about the service. So thats why other telcos dont recommend having broadband for business. Anyway, I hope Globe will fix their lines so we could have at least ONE decent net provider or telco provider here in the Phil.

  4. james says:

    For those postpaid subscribets complaining about the lock in period, all i can say is… that’s what you get for signing in just to get that FREE/ Subsidized phone. #openlineprepaidphonerules.

  5. itachi1 says:

    Buti nga Globe is offering rebates ‘pag may ganito, samantalang sa telco na gamit ko (na hindi ko na papangalanan) ni singkong duling wala akong natanggap na rebate ‘pag may outage… On another matter I think NTC is misinformed about telling the telco’s subscribers beforehand the upgrades that will happen dahil yung sa dad ko panay spam ang Globe sa kanya, updating on status before, during and after.

    Konti pa at lilipat ako ng network, buti na lang line only ang postpaid ko.

  6. jaybee says:

    lumipat ako sa Smart, pero mas worst pa pala. . hayz. . balik ako Globe. .

  7. SpiderWak says:

    I plan to get postpaid plan from Globe or Smart but it seems I will have to think twice.

  8. Chris says:

    Ganun talaga, Kung ayaw niyong malock sa 12/24 month. Huwag kumuha ng free phone.

  9. oyo says:

    upgrading telcos network to improve their services is inevitable in this fast changing technology time. but PAYING subscribers should not be burdened in any way of this improvements. subscribers are paying for the right services. its not descent to reason “ongoing systems upgrade” for a lousy service on the longest time. i agree with disseminated information and a deadline for this interruptions. unless globe thinks its too long to wait for, and subscribers might just jump ship than to wait for them to finish their upgrade. customers are made to wait by companies for their own convenience, and this i abhor. peace.

  10. Iyan Sommerset says:

    On a 1mbps DSL line and that’s been crappy the past few months as well. I mean, I work from time-to-time with I.T. companies. Hasn’t Globe ever heard of a user-transparent, no-impact rolling upgrade?

    One of the things I’ve noticed, while I may be getting around 1mbps downstream, my upstream seems to be limited to less than 100kbps (for the past few months now). It’s a pain to upload even just photos and documents.

    My limited insider info says the upgrade is supposed to last until October, but even that is way too long for a service we’re all paying for.

  11. Chelsey says:

    This is a topic that’s close to my heart… Cheers! Where are your contact details though?

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