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Nvidia Chat with RTX released

Nvidia has released Chat with RTX, a demo app that lets users run a personal AI chatbot on their PCs.

The app can use documents, links, and even YouTube videos separate from prompts to answer a user’s inquiries. In short, Chat with RTX can be used to create summaries, reports, and even specific answers at the user’s request. The responses are quick and timely too, with no lag that users would experience when using ChatGPT or Copilot chatbots.

By simply inputting a URL or PDF, the app goes through the files for the user. It fact-checks, lists down references, and turns grueling transcriptions into light work.

But even with its uses, there are some clear issues with it so far.

First, the users need an RTX 30-40 series GPU with at least 8GB VRAM to run it. Second, it will feel like a demo app with inaccurate source distribution and known bugs that need to be addressed. And lastly, Chat with RTX doesn’t remember context. Follow-up questions can’t be based on the context of a previous question.

Readers should know that Nvidia isn’t making this available as a polished app that should be used already. But if there are any further developments, we’ll be sure to let you know! But for now, here’s their video on creating a personalized AI chatbot with Chat with RTX below:

But what do you guys think of Chat with RTX? Let us know in the comment section below!


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