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PH ranked #1 with the highest average screen time on phones worldwide

A recent study by Electronics Hub has revealed that Filipinos spend almost a third (32.53%) of their day on their phones, making the Philippines the country with the highest daily average screen time in the world.

Electronics Hub The Countries Spending The Most Time On Their Phones

The study, which was conducted as part of the Digital 2023: Global Overview Report by DataReportal, analyzed country-level data for screen time for adults aged 16-64.

Brazil came in close second with 32.46% and South Africa in third with 31.52% of waking hours spent on smartphones.

The study also found that the rise in popularity of online streaming services could be a possible explanation for Brazil’s high percentage.

Data reveals that 64% of Brazilian smartphone users are subscribed to services like Netflix, Apple+, or Amazon’s Prime Video. This is probably the same case for the Philippines, but the study did not specify the reason behind the country’s figures.

Despite being home to the highest number of smartphone users in the world (more than 950 million) China only garnered 19.54% of its day spent on phones.

In contrast with the Philippines’ 69 million smartphone users, China’s low percentage could be due to the country’s various technology bans and social media restrictions.

Electronics Hub Average Screen Time By Country

The study also mentioned that the world spends approximately 40% of their day, or 6 hours and 37 minutes to be precise, using a computer or mobile device—almost a full shift at the office.

Moreover, the study ranked the average social media screen time and screen time on both phones and computers by country. The Philippines ranked third with 21.91% of awake hours spent on social media (compared to the worldwide average of 2 hours and 31 minutes); and an average screen time of 54.44%.

Electronics Hub Average Socia Media Screen Time By Country

The study used sleep patterns data from Sleep Cycle to calculate the percentage of awake hours spent looking at screens for each category.

This finding emphasizes the importance of regulating screen time and promoting balance between screen use and other activities.

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