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PNP employee records leaked in data breach

Jeremiah Fowler, a cybersecurity researcher has reported that there is a non-password database with over 1.2 million records. That database happens to be the Philippine police employee records.

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According to Fowler, he discovered identification documents from both job candidates and employees. These documents include required paperwork from the Philippine National Police (PNP), National Bureau of Investigation (NBI), Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR), Special Action Force Operations Management Division (SAF), Civil Service Commission (CSC), and others as well as fingerprint scans and signatures. Recommendations, in the form of letters from courts and municipal mayors offices certifying that those individuals applying to work in law enforcement possessed a good moral character and had no prior criminal records were also seen. ​​There was also a selection of documents containing Tax Identification Numbers (TIN).

There were also papers pertaining to internal instructions to law enforcement officials. One example is documents relating to directives from senior leadership regarding which laws to enforce and in what order to do so, or any necessary further training.

Fowler is unable to vouch for the legitimacy or correctness of the materials in the database. “As an ethical researcher, I cannot further confirm or verify the accuracy or authenticity of these documents contained within this database. As such, I cannot guarantee that the contents of the documents are accurate or reliable. Furthermore, we are cognisant that accessing, downloading, or using these documents without proper authorisation is prohibited and illegal, hence I have not conducted additional verification or due diligence on these documents,” said Fowler.

There are 1,279,437 exposed records in the database, which has an overall size of 817.54 GB. Full story of the breach from VPMentor.

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