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Planet Cable now offers fiber internet and cable bundles

Planet Cable joins the select few internet service providers in the country to provide fiber to the home (FTTH) service with speeds of up to 100Mbps.

Planet Cable offers fiber connectivity bundled with their digital cable TV for as low as Php1,450. There two cable bundles available, ‘Deluxe’ with 97 standard definition channels and ‘Premium’ that adds 19 high-definition channels to the lineup.

It’s worth noting that they offer unlimited internet in all of their plans.

As for the coverage, it’s limited to select areas of Bacoor City in Cavite as per Planet Cable’s Facebook page. Planet Cable operates in select cities and municipalities of Cavite, Antipolo, Batangas, Laguna, and Iloilo.

Source: Planet Cable

This article was contributed by Daniel Morial, a film school graduate and technology enthusiast. He's the geeky encyclopedia and salesman among his friends for anything tech.

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14 Responses

  1. NotASheep says:

    How can they compete with PLDT’s!? 5850 againts 1899 for 20mbps! why!!

  2. EXPENSIVE says:

    Their Prices are not competitive enough to play with the MARKET! best-value plans are reasonable however for the other plans a consumer wouldn’t easily afford.

  3. Paul Barrett says:

    I am paying the 5k plus for the 20mbps and it is a joke!! I don’t even get 2mbps half the time and now I can’t even get them to answer my phone calls. What makes it worse is that PLDT and globe are not allowed into POrtofino SOuth, where I live so I have to make do with substandard service from a substandard company. My advice is keep well away from this company

  4. Doug says:

    In the evening when I use their service I average .50 or less of the 10.00 that I pay for. I have speedvtests and have sent them to a Planet rep but to no avail.

  5. paul says:

    A year on, very little traffic on here…. but I just want to add that its a year on from my initial observation of this joke company. Please guys…..caveate emptor……you will regret doing business with this company. Their internet sucks and they just lie and lie and lie

  6. planetcablesubscriber says:

    I agree with paul. Planet cable has the worst customer service ive ever experienced. Try to call their hotline, noone will answer you.

  7. Maryrose bobiles says:

    Walang kwenta inquiry pa lang for application hirap n tawagan at mag inquire pano pa pag nag subscribe ka na at nagka problema walang kwenta,sapilitan n nga kang sa kanila dahil ayaw ng camella gusto exclusive ke villar lang! Ganito

  8. Worst Internet Provider says:

    1. Tumawag ka sa hotline nila, walang sasagot!
    2. Magtext ka sa hotline nila, walang sasagot!
    3. Mag-inquire ka sa facebook, may sasagot. Chat bot na paulit ulit ang tanong kada reply mo. Buti sa government offices nag-iimprove ang serbisyo pero ang Planet Cable mga walang pakialam sa customers.
    4. Pagnasira ang remote control ng cable box nila, sisingilin ka ng 250, yung remote nila sobrang low quality na hindi talaga tatagal ng 1 year. Sa SkyCable, sabihin mo lang nawala yung remote mo, papalitan nila FREE, wala nang tanong tanong.

    • Worst Cable Provider says:

      5. Pag nagrequest ka ng technical support nila para tignan ang problem ng cable tv nyo sa bahay sisingilin ka nila kasi daw 3rd party ang contractor nila..

  9. PlanetSubscriber says:

    2020 UPDATE:

    All of the above comments are legit even up to now, year 2020. We pay for 20mbps but only receive speeds ranging from 0.20 to 0.30 ish mbps. If you’re lucky baka 1 mbps lol. Most of the time upload speed is non-existent. Mga 0.10 mbps. Their after sales sucks. We even went to their hq but their usual lines will be either to just restart the router or “We wILl mAkE A JO nAlAnG pO.” That would end up being showing as done na wala naman solution. If you are always working from home. I would not recommend their services. Bukod sa speed, hindi stable ang connection and would end you disconnecting multiple times.

  10. Mike Morrow says:

    I just got installed and, so far, advertised speed of 50 Mbps. Of course, I am early on the connection here. It may die away with more customers. Will see… Customer service answered the phone and answered my questions twice. I need a static IP. Will see how that flies tomorrow…

  11. sushi adriano says:

    huli na ang lahat nung nabasa ko mga comment nyo .haist .. their service is putangina ..walang kwenta talaga haist . ako lang yung gumgamit ng wifi sa bahay pero napakabagal ..grabe .. puro negative comments pa .. pano sila nakakasurvive kainis .. nagsisi na ko … napakabit ko to ..

  12. Vernicita O. Sanchez says:

    Inquire on the following: please
    1. internet only – 20mbps
    2 internet only – 10 mbps
    3. Internet with bundle with 10 mbps

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