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PLDT, Globe pass NTC quality test

The National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) quality of survey for PLDT and Globe result came out and it showed that both telcos offer an acceptable quality service, except for voice calls.

The benchmark was conducted for five days in January 2018 covering areas within Metro Manila. The NTC test includes 500 calls each for Smart and Globe from inside a moving vehicle.

Smart and Globe garnered an acceptable standard of four percent for blocked calls, or four blocked calls for every 100 attempts. Globe scored 0.4 percent while Smart got 1 percent.

As for dropped calls, both telcos passed by staying below the maximum two percent threshold. Globe scored 0.41 percent while Smart got 1.21.

For 2G, Globe got -72.46 dBm while Smart scored -74.61 dBm. 3G, on the other hand, Globe scored -70.32 dBm while Smart scored -67.29 dBm. According to NTC, the average signal should not go below -85 dBm.


4G-wise, Globe scored -86.9 dBm while Smart scored -85.54 dBm.

For call quality, 2G handsets scored 0.57 dBm for Globe while Smart scored 0.38 dBm. NTC said that the acceptable range is from 0 to 4 dBm.

As for 3G and 4G, NTC said that the minimum acceptable measure was -12 dBm. 3G-wise, Globe scored -12.85 dBm and Smart got -12.29 dBm. For 4G, Globe got -10.83 dBm while Smart got 12.28 dBm.

Globe and Smart met the minimum 14-second call set-up time. Globe registered for 4.46 seconds while Smart was at 5.08 seconds.

Globe got a “success rate” of 98.33 percent for internet browsing capabilities while Smart had 99.83. Loading time for Facebook on a Globe handset got 4.9 seconds while Smart scored 4.38 seconds.

Source: Inquirer

Alyza is a Multimedia Producer for YugaTech. You can follow her at @tadboring.

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4 Responses

  1. Freeje says:

    So what does dBm mean? Dim bam moo!?

  2. Kalurky says:

    “Globe got a ‘success rate’ of 98.33 percent for internet browsing capabilities”

    …ows? Di kaya baliktad yan? 33.98 percent is more like it.

    • Dicube says:

      sa may stable signal yan – know your technology, if mahina sa inyu babalektad talaga yan.

  3. RF Engineer, OFW says:

    Lutong macao na naman yan.. 500 Call Attempts within Metro Manila area, yan ba naka-stipulate sa Law. Hindi lang naman metro manila ang kailangan nila e-test. For coverage target, ilang % Samples ang naka lagpas ng -85dB. same with Quality measurement, ilang percent ang hindi bumaba ng -12dB. Average lang yung result nyo eh.. baka hindi pa naka-distance binning yan. Paki-ayos po report nyo refer below kayo dito sa mga NTC Report ng Singapore and Thailand.

    Thailand : https://www.nbtc.go.th/Information/AnnualReport.aspx

    Singapore (2G) : https://www.imda.gov.sg/regulations-licensing-and-consultations/licensing/licences/licence-for-the-sale-of-telecommunication-equipment/compliance-to-imda-standards/2g-services/apr-jun-2011

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