Pru Life UK launches Pulse, an AI-powered health management app

Pru Life UK launches Pulse, an AI-powered health management app

Yesterday, Pru Life UK announced that it’s releasing its AI-powered health management app Pulse in the Philippines.

Pru Life UK launches Pulse app

With Pulse, Pru Life is hoping to integrate mobile digital healthcare into the Philippine healthcare system. Pru Life UK President and CEO Antonio De Rosas noted that despite having the lowest per-person healthcare spent in SEA, the Philippines has the second-most expensive medical services in the region.

Pru Life UK President and CEO Antonio De Rosas

“Through AI-powered features such as a symptom checker that acts as a digital-first gateway for users when seeking care and a health assessment tool that gives users insight into their long-term disease risks, Pulse enables its users to get a better picture of their health,” De Rosas adds. “This will help users better understand any worrying symptoms they might be experiencing and direct them to seek advice from healthcare professionals. By empowering users with smart cutting-edge technologies, they can continue to fulfill their wellness goals and help prevent or postpone the onset of diseases, allowing us to play a role in their journey to better overall health.” De Rosas said during the launch.

Pru Life UK Product Manager and Head of Digital Channels Jomar Mislang

The Pulse app was first launched in Malaysia and is expected to be released in nine other countries within Asia. It’s part of Pru Life UK’s We Do campaign launched last year, driving the optimism of consumers who want to progress in life. It adopts the Prevent-Postpone-Protect proposition, which aims to empower its users to be proactive and take care of their health and wellbeing.


On the main page, Pulse has several cards showing how to reduce the risk of contracting the Coronavirus infection, as well as informational health articles. Over at the health tab, we couldn’t get the Health Assessment and Symptoms Checker working, and both the BMI and Wrinkle Index are still in beta. We expect the app to receive updates with its full functionalities soon.

Currently, only the Android version is available for download; however, they have confirmed that it’s coming to iOS soon.

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