Reddit signs content licensing deal with unnamed AI company

Reddit signed a contract worth about $60 million, giving an unnamed AI company access to the platform’s user-generated content.

Reddit has yet to confirm the deal.

Most AI companies have ‘legally questionable’ tendencies to train AI models on the internet without permission from various platforms.

But in this scenario, Reddit’s partners (unnamed AI company) will be able to train models with frameworks built around a consistent stream of information from Reddit posts. This deal could further develop current AI innovations and established LLMs, all built around popular and niche subreddits (and their ongoing comments).

That said, Reddit is set to be a part of the contemporary AI revolution, putting this deal on notice. It’s certainly a bold move from the company, as its users are already perplexed with their recent business decisions.

The details of the deal are subject to change over the coming Reddit IPO launch in March. But worry not, because we’ll be sure to let you know of any further developments in this story.

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