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Research shows that over 40% of Filipinos are satisfied with their mobile internet speed

Now here’s something you don’t see every day. According to a recent study conducted by On Device Research, 41-percent of the 900 respondents that they’ve interviewed are happy with the speed of their mobile internet connection, and only a quarter are pissed about theirs.

41-percent seems like a good number on paper, but if we take a closer look at the data, it shows that 59%, or 3 out of 5 respondents are either feeling ‘meh’ or unsatisfied with the current internet speed in the country. This means that the two biggest telcos in the country, Smart and Globe, still has a lot of ground to cover before it’s all said and done, particularly in the mobile 4G/LTE segment.

But despite of the current state of mobile internet connection in the country, On Device Research’s study shows that half of the respondents have unlimited data package on their postpaid plans.


The data also shows that 44% of the respondents are spending less than $12 or roughly around Php500 every month to have internet connection on their mobile device, and almost a third spends around $41 a month on mobile data plan.

Another valuable insight that On Device Research has uncovered on their recent study is that almost 9 out of 10 mobile internet users in the country are under the age of 34, and more than half of it are between the ages of 16 – 24 years old.

This means that there’s a huge potential market for social media apps and online chat services which are currently being dominated by Facebook (and FB Messenger). And speaking of smartphone apps, 3 out of 5 respondents stated that they are using music streaming services at least once a week with Spotify leading the pack with 13% share, while Spinnr and My Pinoy Radio are in a close second and third position with 11% and 10% shares respectively.

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This article was written by Ronnie Bulaong, a special features contributor and correspondent for YugaTech. Follow him on Twitter @turonbulaong.

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27 Responses

  1. Rainbow Rat says:

    I think that most of the respondents (16 – 24 years old) were just using their mobile data to chat and open their social media apps. Then the ones that were not satisfied are the ones who utilize their connection to download stuff or streaming something. For me, it does not matter whatever you use the data for. What we need is a stable and reliable connection without any capping whatsoever. Telcos should improve their facilities since subscribers are paying premium for their services. I wonder if Globe is true to it’s promise that it is already 3g anywhere. I hope that it is just not that you are getting the 3g symbol but realistically just getting a 2g speeds.

    • XTN says:

      I myself am a regular consumer like you but putting myself in their shoes, making fast, reliable and UNLIMITED internet? I think that is too much to ask. Even the biggest network providers in other countries have its bandwidth limits. IMHO that scenario is far from our current situation. Also power users, such as myself, would hog the bandwidth making it hard for other users get their respective network allocation.

      If you’re an active reader like me. This should educate and interest you.


    • Rainbow Rat says:


      thank you for the link bro. It all boils down to the greediness of PLDT. Well, as a typical Filipino, I am still hoping for the better. Hopefully, progress is on its way. Makes me remember the days that I was using ISP Bonanza cards and waiting for hours listening to the glorious sound of the handshake which signifies connection. Had never imagined the evolution to be this great, I just wish giving great service with regard to providing internet connection would be the standard of all our Telcos.

  2. Jasper Ferrer says:

    Binubullshit na nga tau sa speed and connectivity, pati ba naman sa mga research binubullshit pa din tau?

    Ano ba yan!

  3. awts says:

    ito yung klarong survey na daya,

  4. Blueeagle says:

    The company that made this survery is STUPID! There’s no such word as UNSATISFIED!

    The correct word is DISSATISFIED! Bobo sa english! Kairita!

  5. Gadgeteer says:

    another obvious paid marketing mind conditioning survey sponsored by the 3 bulok na ISP, why don’t they survey me? malamang ang pinili nilang subjects mga katulong at boy na wala alam gawin kundi Mag we chat, Viber or YM. yugatech, you should be ashamed of yourselves for being part of this big lie.

  6. spider_fanatic says:

    Sino kaya nagsponsor ng surver na ito?

  7. awts says:

    pera-pera lang yan

  8. Raphiduz says:

    I think those who were satisfied in their internet connections are working with the Telcos. Kahit sino naman tanungin mo na mga gumagamit ng mobile internet sa buong Pilipinas, I’m sure 90% are dissatisfied.

  9. Hentai Kamen says:

    Survey those people who live in the provinces and the result will definitely be different..
    Sa Baliwag Bulacan nga lang eh suntok sa buwan na umabot yung speed ko ng 500kbps eh.. pag nakatapos ka ng streaming ng isang music video sa youtube eh parang isang malaking achievement na na gusto mo ipagmalaki s mga kapitbahay mo.

  10. Justin says:

    On Device Research + Pulse Asia Research = a bunch of fuckin’ LIES!!!

    • Siim Teller says:

      Hi Justin,

      Can you please share your annoyance with On Device Research? I’m more than happy to hear your critique and see how we can address this.

  11. leeto says:

    I think the results of the survey is right, because we do not have any choice, there is no better alternative to the ISPs. So, we just have to swallow the bitter pill. Kumbaga, nakonteto na lang tayo kung anong meron kasi nga walang mapagpipili-an tayo.

    • Joshua says:

      Tanga ka talaga, siguro kasama ka sa yugatech or telcos.
      kaya hindi ka umasenso kasi kuntento ka na sa paligid mo and you don’t strive to progress.

    • Krypto says:

      @leeto, isa ka sa mga nasurvey na isang tanga lang. Ang survey ay kung satisfied ka ba or hindi. Hindi ito tungkol sa kung no choice ka tanggap lang ng tanggap. Tatanungin ka satisfied ka ba sa speed ng Internet mo? Sagot mo “Opo, no choice kasi eh.” Tanga lang po ba?

    • Harhar says:

      Baka tricky questions lang talaga nilagay sa mga survey questions. diyan magaling mga Survey companies in favor of this Greedy Telcos.

  12. Mark says:

    I wonder who funded this research.. This is VERY CONVENIENT since there’s a senate inquiry.

    People probably are happy because there’s no other point of comparison (when you experience consistent mobile data EVERYWHERE you go, there’s no coming back).

    It’s all about raising baselines, and we want to know if telcos are willing to do the same.

  13. Lloyd Dunamis says:

    900 respondents from where? In what areas of the country? This is very important, w/c most surveys these days seem to miss reporting.

    Also, can’t they spread the word of them taking surveys so they could collect our opinions as well? 900 is a small number, considering we’re all internet users here who’s reading this right now.

    Being Satisfied” is a subjective view on the internet speed matter of things, so the more people participate, the better.

  14. Harhar says:

    Another propaganda from the Telcos.. para di magupgrade ng speed, kulelat na nga tayo sa internet speed sa SEA, palagi pag disconnected. tsk tsk

  15. Sonofa says:

    ganito siguro nakalagay sa questionnaire

    Are you happy with your internet speed:
    (shade the circle)
    O. Happy
    O. Satisfied
    O. Very Satisfied
    O. Neutral
    O. Others: (explain in no less than 300 words)

  16. MrPhabletBulacan says:

    Ulol lokohin nyo yung mga uto-uto. Tig Plan 2000 kami ng pamangkin ko. Dito samin samin halos walang signal yung 3g, lte makikita mo lang pag natabi ka sa repeater pero both halos wala net kahit full ang signal bar. Tapos kapag nasa bundok kahit 1 bar lang makapag youtube ng walang buffer. Inconsistent services… Kung saan mo kailangan palpak…

  17. Ryan says:

    infairness sa globe medyo lumakas na sya… pro overall passing grade lang sya. 75 lang :D

  18. Siim Teller says:

    Hi guys, I’m the person who conducted this survey at On Device Research. Let me answer a few points raised:

    1. Unsatisfied is a word :) http://english.stackexchange.com/questions/165153/whats-the-difference-between-dissatisfied-and-unsatisfied

    2. This survey was organised and paid for by ourselves, there was no client. On Device Research is and independent mobile research technology company with no ties to telcos in the Philippines or elsewhere.

    3. Yes, sample size can always be larger but statistically 900 is more than enough to draw solid conclusions.

    4. The sample was representative of the mobile internet users in the Philippines with all regions represented.

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