Rumored Samsung Galaxy S10, S10e, S10 Plus prices in the Philippines

Rumored Samsung Galaxy S10, S10e, S10 Plus prices in the Philippines

We’re a few hours away from Samsung’s official Galaxy S10 series unveiling, and we got some information about its local pricing and availability.


As we scoured Samsung stores in the metro just today, we found representatives mum about the actual pricing but gave some takeaways for those who want to avail the Korean conglomerate’s prized 2019 flagship:

  • Pre-orders are said to begin on Friday, February 22, and will end on March 3. Pre-ordering the product entitles the customer to freebies or tokens from the
  • Customers can buy the Galaxy S10 series of smartphone beginning Friday, March 8.
  • It will be available for credit card installment. Specific cards are not mentioned.
  • Several retailer representatives and Samsung personnel were only giving away estimated prices. “Sir, mga nasa PHP 40k po nagstart ang pricing.” (Sir, pricing starts at around PHP 40,000) said one representative.

Given Samsung’s history of bundled freebies and earlier leaks, the local mystery boxes may include the Samsung Galaxy Buds in some of the packages, while higher-priced phones in the series may get a fancier freebie such as an LED TV as with the Galaxy Note9 launch last year. Here are the rumored prices according to conversations we had today:

  • S10e: PHP 39,999
  • S10: PHP 48,999
  • S10 Plus: PHP 59,999

Variants that will arrive in the Philippines are not yet determined as of this writing. Stay tuned to our official coverage for more information about the Samsung Galaxy S10 series. If the rumored 1TB storage variant of the S10 Plus will launch locally, it may be priced to compete with Apple’s high-tier XS Max phones and could be priced at around PHP 85,999.

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