Smart offers redeemable Unli Data promos

Smart offers redeemable Unli Data promos

Smart now offers redeemable Unli Data promos via the GigaLife app.

Smart’s redeemable Unli Data promo allows users to subscribe for either 3, 7, or 30 days of unlimited data. Check out the offers below.

3 Days UNLI DATA 249 – 99 points
7 Days UNLI DATA 499 – 199 points
30 Days UNLI DATA 1499 – 499 points


Note that the rewards program allows Smart, Smart Bro, and TNT prepaid subscribers to earn, accumulate, and redeem GigaPoints through the GigaLife App. In addition, they may earn GigaPoints with a minimum spend of PHP 99 on top-ups or by registering on Giga promos. Each GigaPoint is equivalent to PHP 1, and subscribers can use their accumulated GigaPoints to redeem rewards on GigaLife App’s Rewards section.

The GigaPoints rewards section is accessible via the GigaLife app. From there, tap the redeem button located at the top of the interface, then select all items.

The GigaLife app is available for download on Android and iOS.

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