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Spotify Karaoke Mode with scorecard, now official

Spotify is rolling out now a new feature called Karaoke mode that lets users sing along and the user will even get a score at the end of the song.

Spotify Karaoke Feature

Filipinos are no doubt a fan of Karaoke, that’s why this new feature will surely be loved by Spotify’s Filipino patrons.

Getting the feature is as easy as updating the Spotify App. This latest update is enjoyed on both iOS and Android devices.

Once updating is done, try to select a song that you want to sing along to and scroll down. Once you see the lyrics, there’ll be an option on the top right of it which says ‘Sing’. After clicking it, the Karaoke mode will be activities, and once you’re done singing along with your favorite song, you’ll get a scorecard and Spotify will rate your singing, just like a regular karaoke.

Some users might not be able to see this update yet because the feature is still rolling out, just wait a couple of hours or a few days for it to come out.

Here’s a Tweet from @PopBase when they tried the new feature.

On the side of this author, I’ve tried updating my Spotify app but it says it’s already up to date, I’ve tried checking the ‘sing’ option but it’s still not available on my end. So let’s just patiently wait for it to fully roll out to everyone.

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3 Responses

  1. Avatar for Aris Aris says:

    Puede ba to sa smart tv?

  2. Avatar for Marc Marc says:

    Does that mean this karaoke feature will now require Spotify app permission for the mic?

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