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Telegram gets new chat themes, interactive emoji, and live stream recording

Telegram is rolling out a new update that has several new features, including chat themes, interactive emoji, message receipts, and live stream recording.

Telegram’s designers have created eight new themes that can be applied to specific private chats. The themes have gradient message bubbles, animated backgrounds, and unique background patterns.

Both users can choose the theme for both sides, allowing users to set different themes for different people. Each theme comes with a day and night version and will follow your app’s night mode settings. Telegram has stated that the first eight themes are just the beginning and are working on adding more.

The update also adds interactive emojis. When a user uses an emoji, each user can tap on it and initiate a fullscreen animation. If both users have a chat open, the animations and vibrations play simultaneously.

Users can now also select a message that was sent and see who else in the group has seen it. Message receipts are marked as a checkmark as soon as another member of the group sees that message. These receipts are only stored for seven days after a message was sent.

Lastly, Telegram has also introduced the ability to record live streams and video chats. Admins can start a recording right from the live stream or video chat menu, with options to record video and audio or only audio. Saved files are also instantly uploaded to your saved messages.

Source: Telegram

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