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TikTok Now, a BeReal app clone now available for download

An attempt by TikTok to ride with the popularity of BeReal is showing to be effective, making their standalone app join the top 10 apps in many countries while it just recently launched its app.

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TikTok has a new standalone app called TikTok Now, which is the counterpart of BeReal, and is now available for download outside the US. US users have the TikTok Now features integrated into their TikTok app.

Following its launch on September 18th, the app has grown in popularity in the days since. According to analytics company Sensor Tower, TikTok Now is currently ranked in the top 10 social networking apps in 39 countries and among the top 100 total apps in 24 countries.

Once every day, TikTok Now notifies users to take a photo or video within a specified deadline to share with friends. Just like the BeReal app, users are unable to view other people’s posts until they publish their own. The difference between TikTok Now and BeReal is that TikTok has a 10-second video feature while BeReal only uses images, aside from this, the two apps are almost the same.

Other apps are also taking advantage of BeReal’s fame, like Instagram and Snapchat in which they’ve been working on something similar to almost identical of it. Other platforms are now currently doing their own prototypes, checking if they’ll be able to improve it or make it better than the original.

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