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Viber announces monthly subscription Viber Plus

Viber is launching Viber Plus, a monthly subscription service offering premium features. Meanwhile, all of Viber’s standard features remain free to use for all users worldwide.

Viber Plus

Subscribers to Viber Plus must pay PHP 99 per month. This gives them access to a number of premium services as well as the option of seeing no adverts in Viber’s messaging service.

Viber recently added the ability to read voice messages and “Invisible Mode” to its subscription service in order to further improve privacy and ease of communication. Subscribers of Viber Plus will now have the option to read voice messages instead of listening to them whenever they are in a noisy environment or prefer to keep their communications private.

The “Invisible Mode” gives an extra layer of privacy, enabling users to read messages without the sender being aware that it was done so or to show their online status while still being able to see other users’ statuses.

Viber Plus features currently available:

  • No ads: Use the Viber app without seeing any ads
  • Read Voice Messages: Transcribe received voice messages into text
  • Unlimited stickers: Download paid sticker packs for free
  • Unique app icons: Change the mobile or desktop Viber app icon to a unique icon such as unicorn, night, or sparkle-themed
  • Live support: Initiate live support chats with just one click at any time of day
  • Verification Badge: Verification badge exclusive to subscribers
  • Invisible Mode: Browse privately reading messages and seeing who’s online without them knowing

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