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X to charge new users annually in the Philippines and New Zealand

Hope you already have an X account (or Twitter account) because the platform is going to charge new users per year for their account. This charge will only happen in New Zealand and the Philippines so far.

X Twitter

This new subscription is called “Not a Bot” which will make new users who sign up in the Philippines and New Zealand pay USD 1 or PHP 56.70 annually. This will give new users the benefit to post, like, reply, repost, quote and bookmark tweets on X.

The reason behind this subscription, according to Musk, is to combat bots and spammers on X. Musk has also stated that tests behind this solution have been successful.

Existing users will not be affected by this subscription.

What do you think of X’s new user subscription? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Avatar for Miss Call Miss Call says:

    What a load of bullocks! This has nothing to do with bots.

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