e-Games to release RAN Online, The Movie

e-Games to release RAN Online, The Movie

RAN OnlineThis could be the first locally produced movie about PC gaming — RAN Online, The Movie. This was revealed yesterday during e-Games’ Domination II gaming party at the SMX Convention Center.

The movie will feature characters found in the RAN Online game as well as champion players and other guilds.


RAN Online is a free 3D ‘campus-based’ MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role playing game). The concept is based around several schools competing for control. Developed by Min Communications of Korea, RAN Online has become one of the most played MMORPGs in Malaysia, China, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan and the Philippines.

egames domination

It’s not yet been revealed when this movie will hit the big screen but it should be this 2008. The event also introduced a new game, Cabal Online.

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43 Responses

  1. As a former RAN addict, this i got to see.

  2. You were there Abe? Hmm… you’re playing RAN ha :p

  3. Jan alvin says:

    You’re an online game player pala ha!!

    by the way theres a conference that will be held at the same venue.

  4. Jan alvin says:

    its in my latest post

  5. Dusty says:

    Nag cosplay si abe para di makilala :P

  6. yuga says:

    No! I’m not an online gamer nor a cosplayer! *hehe* I was invited as part of media. I didn’t want to go at first but a friend was there and told me to drop by.

  7. Defensive! hehe… just kidding.

  8. orgl says:

    Flipside! Would it be nice to see Carlo Capara’s “Ang Panday” be on games too? :)

  9. RADIZH says:

    kelan yan?? kelan yan??
    kelan yan?? kelan yan!! wooooooooooooooooooh!! ok yan!!!!!!!!

  10. asd says:

    huhuhuhuhuhuuh penge gamit

  11. asd says:

    huhuhuhuhuhuuh penge gamit mga tol plsss………………

  12. oye says:

    kelan nyo ba ipapalabas ran the movie kakainip nmn..
    sana d bulog effects. ^_^

  13. eman says:

    ano ba meaning ng RAN curious lang!!!

  14. Abby says:

    bat wala pa din? 2009 nlang wla pa din?

  15. Zeal says:

    Bakit 195 above mak gawa ng
    extrem char san above 130^^

  16. JEROME GWAPO says:

    WHEN IS RAN ONLINE >>>?????
    will show ON THE BIG SCREEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    SHOW IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    OR YUR LIARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. anicka says:

    andaya nmn. kelan pa un domi II aa.
    antagal tagal.
    nkaka excite un teaser nila. :)
    sana release na nila

    tala sever po :)

  18. donna_rose27 says:

    san ba makukuha yung ran korea?? san din pede magregister????

  19. donna_rose27 says:

    oooppss. fury server pla me.. ehehe.. lvl 199 ^^

  20. sale acct lvl 180 archer cavite erea!!!!

  21. â„¢C+Corp.plus says:

    this could be an interesting movie i hope the cast’s will portray the characters movement in game ^v

  22. `Itadaki`Hekate says:

    MXyAdo NaKaka – Exite YunG TeaSer TraIler Nyu!!
    Hope that E-Games will Release the movie!!
    I`ll be Waiting!!
    As now I`m Only Lvl 56 (Progressive Character)
    And Soon will Become Stronger!
    Fury Server `Itadaki`Hekate

  23. chi popopi limutmut says:

    kelan kya pa2labas ran the movie? . . .

  24. atat na akung mka panood ng ran the movie
    paki bilisan lng po ung pag release nito ^^V….
    Im one of the adict ran gamers..,add nyu na lng aku sa friends nyo alab server at phnx skull and this is my name in ran online (-ILynIEric-)

  25. mga GM’s pabati ha ^^
    hello sa mga friends ko sa alab server
    LU seniora
    ,,,,,,,anounce nyu na lng po agad kung maipapalabas na ang MOVIE

  26. by the way po lvl200 na aku
    ung extreme ko nsa progress mode pa ^^
    weak pa kac

  27. kitsune018 says:

    bkt wala pdin ung the movie tae tagal aman palabas nyn nung domi 2 p un ha..hangang ngyn wala pdin..??

  28. kenneth says:

    Tel me the fuking time when is it gonna start or ill rape your siblings if i must

  29. kenneth says:

    Start the show or I’ll blow the brain of your fuking liar friends


  31. I want to see it my heart is shaking.

  32. kenneth says:

    My character was in havoc server called =lovely_hatred= PM me any time. Comment my comment.

  33. Chryx says:

    2010 na, bakit hanggang ngayon wala pa rin yung ran online the movie. talaga bang ipapalabas yan sa sine?? baka drawing lang yan huh!…. dami na nagaabang sa palabas na yan sana mapanood na namin… Ran Online Rock’s………….

  34. ODIN says:

    imba .. :D wala pa din haha .. hmp .. drawing E-Games amf ! tsk tsk .. ang ganda ng trailer amf ! .. anu un ? ung trailer na lang ang ginawa nilang movie ? wew ! galaw galaw naman tau jan .. dami umaasa sa movie sirs !

  35. hahahaha..its nice to watch it..
    kelan kea ung labas nyan??

  36. JP says:

    Ran Movie is now available!
    Read update on e-games website.

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