Acer Timeline 1810tz out and priced

Acer Timeline 1810tz out and priced

Saw a couple of units of the Acer Timeline 1810tz last month in VirraMall but this week, most of the PC shops in malls are already carrying them.


The specs and price are pretty impressive for a CULV and the unit I reviewed before was bought in HK last November for $750 so I was surprised to see it’s selling for Php26,900 in stores.

Specs include an Intel Pentium Dual Core SU4100 at 1.3GHz, 2GB RAM, 250GB HDD, Intel GMA 4500M (796MB @ 1366×768), WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, HDMI port and Bluetooth.

You can read my earlier review here.

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30 Responses

  1. Dan says:

    Is it good news cuz it cheap?

  2. Calvin says:

    uy steal nga yan. thanks to core i3 and i5, bumaba na rin presyo ng culvs.

  3. rjca says:

    At what stores can you get this CULV at 27k? That’s a good price for a laptop this nice. :)

  4. cafekun says:

    wow now that’s a steal.

  5. durantula says:

    I guess it’s about time to change my laptop. From Acer to Acer. ;)

  6. Doc Harry says:

    I think I’m in love… with this Timeline. Oh Sammy NC10… you’ve been a good friend. I need to see you off to someone who will take care of you. Hehehe!

  7. Great blend of price, specs and portability! Mukhang sulit na sulit talaga. Now this looks like a real netbook killer to me :)

  8. Miguel says:

    I like!

    I wonder how long until Core i CULVs will come out and make this obsolete, though.

  9. hubes says:

    baka walang OS ito.

  10. Leandro says:

    this one or the hp mini 311?

  11. parang masarap bumili ng laptop sa mga panahong ito. :)

  12. mcv says:

    @hubes: i agree. nothing to indicate what OS its running. usually maraming cheap non-netbooks dahil lang walang OS…

  13. yuga says:

    Runs Windows 7 out of the box.

  14. Dr. Jesus says:

    Pwede na. Bumababa ang presyo.

  15. ids says:

    bakit mahal sa asianic? 35k although 320g ang hdd. all the rest same specs.

  16. hubes says:

    This one has Windows 7 Home Basic installed. okay na rin for the price.

  17. regpogi says:

    I have a feeling this was priced wrong earlier, which is why some stores carry it now at 33.5k, with only marginally better specs.

  18. Yuya says:

    If u want the bang out of your buck, go with Asus 1201n :)

  19. ed says:

    Went to TCA virramall and the 1810 olympic edition costs around 36k…. 2gb, 250gb… etc. ang layo naman sa $500 sa US…

  20. Spidey says:

    Just got one … 4 hours ago. :)

  21. hubes says:

    how much and where did u buy Spidey?

  22. Spidey says:

    ^Hi Hubes, its originally priced for P28.5k Zero percent for 6 mos. We negotiated a bit and we finally agreed for 27.5 straight payment.

    The store, .. I forgot the name but its in MOA. (I got so excited, I dit not notice the store’s name.. Ill get back to check the receipt.)

  23. ids says:

    @spidey: may kasama na OS yung nabili 27.5K? ilan gig hdd 250 o 320? tia

  24. Alren says:

    Small laptop with big features. That’s cool. :)

  25. graci says:

    hey people, which one is better? this acer 1810tz or asus 1201n? overall specs…

  26. NineSwordz says:

    I thiink the 1201n is better when it comes to graphics.. here’s the benchmark of their GPUs.

    Acer Timeline 1810tz
    – Intel GMA 4500M = 965

    Asus 1201N
    – Nvidia ION (LE) = 3002

    Other GPUs
    – Intel GMA 3150 = 303
    – Intel GMA X3100 = 805
    – Intel GMA X4500 HD = 1235
    – ATI Radeon 3200 HD = 2411
    – ATI Radeon X1270 = 983

    Source :

  27. NineSwordz says:

    Oh! the Nvidia ION on 1201n has no (LE) which only supports DX9.. ION on 1201n has DX10.. sorry, my bad.

  28. junrey says:

    I have this laptop and its very Amazing, I bought this a year Ago here in Qatar, Supriceingly, its the only laptop I saw na Hindi bumaba ang price..abopce stated specs is mali..Intel pentium atom po to at 3gb memory at 320 HDD..

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