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Asus EeePC 1201T in the flesh!

Interestingly, Asus’ 12-inch version of their netbooks have only arrived this week despite other PC manufacturers offering them as early as last year. The Asus EeePC 1201T is the 12.1″ version of the Seashell series and I bought a unit for review.

There are supposed to be 3 models in this series — 1201HA running Atom Z520, the 1201N running Atom N280 N330 with nVidia ION and the 1201T running AMD Athlon MV40 and ATI Radeon HD3200.

asus eepc 1201t

The specs of the Asus EeePC 1201T include:
12.1″ display screen @ 1366×768
AMD Athlon MV40 @ 1.6GHz
ATI Radeon HD3200 256MB
WiFi802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth 2.1
Multi-card reader

Unlike the other netbooks in this category, the 1201T does not have an HDMI port although Asus claims it can play 1080p HD videos. The unit does not have any OS pre-installed so I got it pretty cheap.

The suggested retail price — Php21,990. Not bad.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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39 Responses

  1. Jay says:

    susunod na ang 1202N. :)

  2. Jay says:

    1201N pala.

    Intel Atom Dual core and NVidia ION :)

  3. daddy joey says:

    uy, pretty cheap for the specs.

    how much ung other 2 models? :)

  4. zaiko says:

    hi yuga, ang alam ko 1201N is dual core atom, instead na N280. or baka may info ka from Asus Philippines na N280 processor siya.

    Ito alam ko list ng 12″ seashell series

    1201N = dual core Atom 330 CPU and NVIDIA ION graphics

    1201HA = Intel Atom Z520 CPU and integrated GMA 500 graphics

    1201T = 1.6GHz AMD Neo MV-40 CPU and ATI Radeon HD3200 graphics

    1201NL = Intel Atom N270 CPU and NVIDIA ION graphics

  5. yuga says:

    @zaiko – the official specs is N330 but the sales reps from the store told me the upcoming 1201N will only have the N280 in it.

  6. Calvin says:

    i don’t like they keys, sana ginaya nila the one from the original seashell.

  7. Clifford says:

    when will asus eee pc 1201n will be released here at the philippines?

  8. john says:

    sir yuga,
    When will the 1201n be available here in the philippines daw?

  9. yuga says:

    @clifford and john – Next month daw.

  10. john says:

    Tagal pa pala, I guess next month would mean by the end of February pa noh?

  11. Guyrony says:

    Rawr!!! Asus is giving me such a hard time to decide what netbook to buy! 1008? 1005? or this new one? Asus, my head is hurting from confusion.

  12. john says:

    ^^ I agree. As a college student, it’ll be very beneficial if I have a netbook anywhere around to do my research papers, etc. Kaya, maybe I’ll settle with the MSI u230 or mini 311 nalang, pero nakakpaghinayang talga etong 1201n e. ARGHHH..

  13. Pusang Kulog says:

    Whoa! The price is awesome for a netbook with that kind of specs…

  14. franciselmer says:

    1201T = 1.6GHz AMD Neo MV-40 CPU and ATI Radeon HD3200 graphics

    sir yuga dual core ba to or single core?

  15. it has been said says:

    Ano ba ang mas maganda, ang 1201n or eto???

  16. TOOTZKIE says:

    brothers, meron na las week pa sa PC Gilmore. naka-advertise na at d same price wid sir Yuga pero sa specs nila 1gb lang ram

  17. TOOTZKIE says:

    parang nakita ko rin ang 1201N. di lang sure f yun na nga yun… naka-place na nga order ko for the 1201T, hehehe pera na lang wala.

  18. ice says:

    @franciselmer – single core lang yan

  19. tseri says:

    planning to buy one, pero which is better?

    1201N –

  20. monkeyboner says:

    I also purchased this baby. Read my blog to see how I like it so far. http://geekindenial.wordpress.com

    nabili ko from Premium Logic/ASUS Park Square Makati for Php21,500 cash. And yes single core lang CPU neto. The 1201N will most likely retail for around P28K kung susundin natin yung current exchange right coinciding with the 1201T’s price here.

    1201N review here

  21. Richard B. says:

    I think ill wait for the 1201N or buy n lng the
    1005 HA which has a good review from
    Cnet (http://asia.cnet.com/reviews/notebooks/0,39050488,44866932p,00.htm)
    and from the users as well, great size and specs bring it anywhere for a free wifi and start doing your work conveniently. ive been using its older brother Asus 1000 HE and its going smooth naman, they have great product support for latest drivers agad, well i’ve even installed na Windows 7 via USB, its fast pa din but 8.5 hours battery life i got when using XP has gone down to 6.5 n lng, but still its long enough for some internet time and office work at the same time. it even won the battle last year;( http://blog.laptopmag.com/netbook-madness-finals-asus-eeepc-1000he-vs-samsung-nc10)

  22. Jhay says:

    Not bad for that price. It’s a bargain really. Will wait for a little longer, the other makers would be releasing new models soon.

  23. Hello Yuga.

    I bought this item earlier. This is carrying AMD Neo, not Athlon. :)

    By the way, this unit seems very impressive, yet having a very affordable price.

    This unit is not a netbook, but an ultrathin notebook. HP Pavillion has a unit that comes with AMD Neo and also having 12″ display. See it here: http://www.villman.com/Product-Detail/HP_DV2-1010AU_NB

    If you notice, HP Pavillion DV2-1010AU has a selling price of less 43,000. Hmmm. Then we get the same specifications from Asus from 21,xxx. :) WOW!

  24. Oh. Athlon nga din pala ito. AMD Athlon Neo. Sorry.

  25. monkeyboner says:

    @James Alvarez

    first of all HP has always been more expensive than Asus. Secondly, the HP model you mentioned has Windows Vista installed while the Asus has no OS installed. Third, the HP has a DVD drive while the Asus doesn’t. That being said the price difference of Php20K is still ridiculous!

    Btw I think the Asus is still a netbook and not a slim notebook like you say since it is still under the EeePC line and has an underpowered CPU. Slim notebooks like the UL series from Asus sport more powerful CULV processors hence commanding a steep retail price (P45K and up)

    bow :)

  26. @monkeyboner
    Well, I am just happy with this laptop. :) Haha!

    For all Ubuntu users:
    I got wifi working on Ubuntu: http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=8754255&postcount=5

    This instruction is straight forward. Just make sure you have installed linux headers and the build essentials to enable compilation of sources from your Ubuntu.

  27. foxybrown says:

    Available na ba ang ASUS 1201N at 1201HA dito sa Pinas? If so, saan store makakabili nito (pls send me a link guys) and how much each ito now. Thanks much, looking forward!

  28. Noel says:

    why is it I am getting info that the 1201T is already dual-core?

  29. foxybrown says:

    Talaga dual core.. san mo po info nakuha yan?

  30. Noel says:

    Here’s one:


    but there’s a rejoinder/update that says it seems the processor is not dual-core.

    Here’s another one:



    although in both cases, it appears that they were published before the actual introduction of the unit, but the data came from a trade convention of sorts.

    Lastly, I was out on VDay when I spotted the 1201T in one of the stores in Megamall’s Cyberzone. It’s actually the dual-core spec of the product that was being advertised by the store that got me interested in it, hence this research that got me here. It’s priced around P21,900 also, with additional cost for Windows 7 Starter for P1,000 if you buy in cash, or plus P2,500 if you buy deferred 0% for one year.

    Any confirmation or clarifications on the matter of whether it’s really dual core or not would be highly appreciated. Thanks.

  31. Noel says:

    This one’s from Asus website itself, in which it appears that it really isn’t dual core.


  32. monkeyboner says:

    From what I understand, when the 1201T was first announced, dual core talaga sya dapat (Congo processor). Pero since then nagbago specs nya. Of course maybe in other countries Congo parin yung CPU nya and dito lang ginawang NEO to cut costs dahil sa market natin.

  33. Noel says:

    Here’s one:


    However, this appears to have been written prior to the launch of the product.

    Another one:


    Although there was an update that it doesn’t seem to be dual core.

    Also, I was able to see the 1201T at Megamall’s Cyberzone last Feb 14. And it was being advertised as dual-core, which made me take notice.
    But based on the discussions here, it seems that it is not dual-core. Maybe somebody can confirm it. Thanks.

  34. monkeyboner says:

    Mr. Noel, take it from a person who actually owns the 1201T, it is NOT dual-core. False advertising malamang yung nakita mo and they didnt bother reading up on the updated specs. Most other stores list is as single-core.

    again you can read my review here

  35. Noel says:

    Sorry for the double post…I thought I lost the other one, so I had to make up another. I have no intention whatsoever of insisting my view. It’s just a simple matter of not being able to complete the lists I was trying to make to show to another poster where I got my info.

    I do understand that someone actually own a 1201T that is not dual core, that much is clear in the comments. My only intention was to clarify the information that I was able to gather from the Net, from sources that may be considered as reliable as this site.

    Anyway, thanks for hearing me out.

  36. Momet says:

    1201n!!! available by next week
    very limited stocks first shipment

    ill update you as soon i have allocation

  37. erniepaj says:

    hi guys:

    i am having a trouble with my 1201T,

    i just got this yesterday.
    when i boot to bios i can check that my harddrive exists, but when i use an external drive or usb linux pendrive i cant see the harddrive.

    this means i cant install the OS (win xp) i wanted installed on the physical drive itself and it sucks.

    i have tried using Darik’s Nuke and Boot so napalabas ko yung physical drive itself but after which, going back to the attempt to install the windows xp OS, the harddrive disappears again.

    is it a limitation of the motherboard not supporting XP? this has been frustrating for me considering i got the 1201T for its good review.

    why cant i simply boot to my windows xp cd and install the OS the physical drive?

  38. yuga says:

    @ernie – have you tried updating to a new BIOS? You can get it here: http://bit.ly/akJpXW

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