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BlackBerry Bold 9700 Review

Quite a lot of recent RIM’s BlackBerry phones looked quite alike (Bold and the Curve) and it could mean one of two things — either RIM doesn’t have any more design ideas left or it has almost perfected the form factor that many people loved about the qwerty smartphone that it doesn’t want to veer away from it. That is the case of the BlackBerry Bold 9700.

I haven’t formally reviewed the previous generation BB Bold 9000 but having tried it a couple of times before and basing on the specs, one can make the conclusion that there’s not much can be done on the BB Bold 9700 except for a number of tweaks and optimization.

The BlackBerry Bold 9700 sports almost the same exterior as its predecessor — glossy, black-piano finish in front, rubbery lining on the side with a streak of silver and a nice leather back panel. The leather gives the handset a touch of class but also helps secure a nice grip when using the unit.

RIM tried to cut some fat around the unit so a couple of millimeters were shaved off the dimensions to make it more compact. This move somehow sacrificed a little screen real estate (2.44″ from the previous 2.6″) but improved on the pixel resolution (480×360) which explains why the display is clear, crisp, and bright.

The physical keyboard, one of RIM’s strongest features in most of its handsets, is maximized on space and layout. It might look a bit cramped at first but it’s just enough and comfortable for two-fingered typing. RIM shaped the individual keys with a chiseled edge, half of which faces the left and the other half facing the right. This is actually a clever and practical move — your thumbs get some sort of traction over the keys and helps prevent from slipping and hitting the wrong keys.

Again, RIM has fully transitioned it’s old and problematic trackball and replaced it with a touch-sensitive trackpad. This is probably the most welcomed change made on BlackBerry handhelds lately and it does seem to perform well.

The Bold 9700 is fully equipped with connectivity options you’d ever need in a smartphone — WiFi, 3G/HSDPA, Bluetooth and GPS navigation. Browsing on the unit seems fast on both 3G and WiFi and the pages rendered well but you’d wish you had more screen real estate there. And while the GPS navigation is usable, it hasn’t gone to the same level what Nokia recently did with their free turn-by-turn navigation.

The BlackBerry Bold 9700’s newest competitor would be the Nokia E72 and while they’re neck-and-neck in terms of the major features, the E72 has a few additional features up its sleeve. Battery life is impressive and lasts at least 3 days on single full charge (it’s got the same 1500mAh rating as the E71 and E72).

The BlackBerry Bold 9700 also missed a couple of things, some of it is due to geographical limitations:

  • First, the BlackBerry App World is still not available in the Philippines. The Apps would have added a huge plus point on top of the BIS. Give it already to us, RIM.
  • The 3MP camera is still a bit inadequate but if you compare it to another business phone like the Nokia E72, they’re just at par so no big deal there. It’s really hard to find a business phone that’s got good optics nowadays. I think it’s just positioning and they really intended it to be that way.
  • No FM tuner, a feature that’s becoming a standard all mobile phones in all categories. It’s time for RIM to equip all their future handsets with one.

Admittedly, there’s not much improvements you can do on a handset which many BlackBerry users deemed almost perfect. If only they could offer it a little more affordable like the Curve 8520. Good thing though is that you can now have this unit and use a prepaid SIM from Globe or Smart and just subscribe to the prepaid BlackBerry service.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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123 Responses

  1. iTechMe says:

    sir yuga available na po ba yan dito s pilipinas and how much?

  2. Bob Reyes says:

    It’s available already here. I’m on Globe corporate plan, and they’re sending me a BB Bold 9700 this week as part of their loyalty program. Perhaps, retail price will play around PHP25K to PHP30K

  3. best thing about the BB is the keyboard, its just right

  4. iamupset says:

    From the shops i saw, it’s priced around P29-P30K, but like sir abe said, not much difference between the bold 9700 and the bold 9000, same almost everything, even the processor is the same, the most noticeable is of course the change from trackball to optical trackpad (i hated that trackball).

    for price under P18K, you get a similar experience with the Blackberry Curve 8520 (it also has an optical trackpad).

  5. Jhay says:

    I want one! But would settle for the 8520 because of the price. ;)

  6. simplynice93 says:

    Very Nice! Very Nice Indeed!

  7. arnold says:

    looks nice and the price is reasonable too.
    I definitely want one, or perhaps the Curve will do..:-)

  8. Lexty says:

    It’s sad to know that BlackBerry AppWorld is not applicable here in the Philippines.. =(


    Ive heard/read in the user comments that most BB9700 has tilted trackpad is it true with your unit? Does it affect performance of the trackpad?

  9. Corsair says:

    I heard that the AppWorld will open in the Philippines soon (some time this year). You’ll see. ;)

  10. Eka says:

    Sayang there’s no FM. I’m looking for an alternative to my E63, this could have been a candidate but I listen to the radio a lot.

  11. anonymous says:

    sir yuga, pls feature naman yung latest available iphone app for Globe Users. its called Globe Calls. really convenient and can translate to huge savings!

    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  12. Lexty says:

    I really like BB. Sana mag open na talaga yung BB AppWorld dito sa Philippines. How about the BB Storm 2? any plans on reviewing it? Thanks!

  13. Anna Castrillo says:

    Hi. Is it true that if your a prepaid user of BB phone, you cant use some of the apps? Kindly confirm if this is true. Thanks.

  14. allan says:

    I got a fake blackberry here in dubai for a price of 380dirhams or php4600.It looks very similar to the curve and is also using a trackball.It has a shortcut for facebook,ym,msn,google and yahoo search.Wifi and GPRS equipped and the browsing capability is awesome.It is also using the opera mini as the default browser and push email capable. The plus factor is that it has a two active standby sim capabilities so it eliminates the need for an extra phone for my roaming sim card. The phone is Java equipped as well, 2 cameras(front and back) USB charger, 2 batteries, TV function, FM,and the battery life is awesome. It can last up to 4 days with regular usage like texting. The blackberry insignia is also cool and the only thing I that im not happy is the mark on the back that says 11.0 megapixel.hehehe thats it.

  15. ron says:

    i’m using the BB 9700 for a week now, and based on it’s performance i can give it 8 out of 10.. the applications (3rd party) aren’t available in the country yet.. so if RIM’s gonna give it to the PI then it’ll add up some points.. and one thing more, do you guys know where i can buy good case(leather, crystal or candy type)? :) thanks..

    anyway, i got it this phone from globe.. this one has a better function than my e71.. :)


  16. fly says:

    Hi Ron!

    Wow buti ka pa you got one from Globe na. Ilang beses na ako bumabalik sa globe, out of stock pa rin. I cant wait for my BB!!! Saang globe branch mo nakuha?

  17. JoyQ. says:

    blackberry if this one is around 20-30k? and Lg BL40 is 29K i’ll rather pick LG… I love the new BL40

  18. Sham says:

    Honestly, I’m not really into QWERTY phones, but this one’s gorgeous.

  19. yasmeanie says:

    Where can i get this on an installment basis? It’s really pretty but am not sure if it’s a practical choice for me. Hmm…..perhaps, if the price goes down to 25, that would be great! It’s selling @ 30 now! ;(

  20. Mikepogi says:

    Masyadong malapad… hehehe. Period.

  21. karen says:

    Wala pa din yung akin, sa Globe Glorietta ako kumuha. huhu out of stock daw.

  22. option says:

    blackberry app world works on smart network. u just need to dl it. here’s the link http://na.blackberry.com/eng/services/appworld/download.jsp? my girlfriend managed into install it and it works.

  23. Kinny says:

    I still prefer the form factor of the huge BB Bold 9000. The features of the Bold 9700 onyx are really souped up and much improved but will wait for an upgraded version of the BB bold 9000 before I make the switch from Nokia to Blackberry.

  24. michael says:

    hi mr. yuga..
    i have a technical problem with my blackberry9700, i cannot connect it to my wifi for internet & yahoo messenger app.. may mga setting pa po ba to?, pati ang MAP and GPS di rin gumana..huhu

  25. joanne says:

    how can i use the yahoo messenger on my bb bold 9700? i got it from at&t(locked) and had it openlined here in cebu. i cant access the email set up,bbm and ym.how can i download photos directly from my bb 9700?by the way,im on prepaid(globe).please help me…im new to this..thanks

  26. joanne says:

    why is it that when other bb users use fb on wifi,it says :via facebook for blackberry but others(like me),it says via Mobile web?

  27. kat says:

    @joanne your friends are using the official facebook app for blackberries. you can only use it if you have a data plan

    via Mobile web means facebook was accessed through the berry browser or even opera :)

  28. joanne says:

    my blackberry bold 9700 which is 2 wks old is now defective.it was bought in the US and i had it unlocked here.ive been using it for almost 2wks and now it wont turn on.i first observed it freezed and when i turned it off and on again, theres a display on screen which says jvm error 102 then reset under it.how can i solve this?pleeeaaassseeee help me….ive searched for answers trhu crackberry and i followed the instructions but to no avail.please help meee……thanks

  29. gonein60secs says:

    Try mo upgrade sa latest OS. Baka ma save pa. Marunong ka ba mag upgrade?
    Chat me: [email protected]. turuan kita

  30. gonein60secs says:

    Tha batt life for 9700 is 2X the bold 9000. plus trackpad vs. trackball? No contest!! 9700 ang maganda! And kahit mag upgrade ka ng OS ng bold 9000; 6-8 hours lang ang batt life. Paano na kung heavy user ka? or ur following 100+ users sa twitter? or mag youtube and browse the net ka pa? Drain kaagad batt mo for sure.

  31. Tom says:

    Hello Sir Yuga and everyone!

    I’ll be needing help . Though now, I am able to use the internet browser using WI FI, it seems that I can’t stream you tube with it. Referred to the BB’s support forums and they say there that I need to set up the APN in TCP setting. I just don’t know how can I get the APN and have it set up with my device. It is in the OPTIONS-ADV OPTIONS- TCP/IP. In it, there are 2 boxes waiting to be checked, and down under there are fields for APN Username and APN Password. Can someone give me info on how this thing work please? Should I check both of the boxes, or just one? And which one? And what am I supposed to put in the user name and pass word field?

    I bought this BB brand new, complete with the legit stuff even the pin, etc, yet unlocked (came from Europe as per the supplier, Hungary). I am an old time prepaid subscriber of Globe. I tried to call their CS, but as expected, they won’t give me any info since their company didn’t earn money out of my purchase of this unit. They say those units they sold are pre set accordingly to work.

    Also, I read a news that App World is already available in the Phils recently. I tried to download it direct to the BB but it says there that my device is not supported.

    Also, I havent set the email yet. I dunno where to get that Enterprise Activation Pass Word.

    I suspect that I would need a crash set up on this device.

    Hope someone can help me out.

    Thank yo so much,


  32. NBB says:

    Globe is offering this for P2,450 cash out on a P1,599 a month plan.

  33. Siguro sa increased demand ng BB Bold 9700, Globe has increased the phone’s cash out to 11k. Buti nalang, nakakuha ako ng Bold @ 2450php cash out… Suwerte talaga.

  34. Fema says:

    @David Miguel – I’m interested in the BB 9550 and tried sending an email to you but it bounced back. Any other email address or contact no.?

  35. lhay villaruz says:

    can you send me the pricelist of blackberry here in the Philippines?Tnx

  36. Salome says:

    check out also blackberryzuela.com they are the most reliable seller of RIM-made phones here in the Philippines

  37. kazzaamm says:

    @ TOM

    recently got my BB bold 9700 and i had the same problem with yours. just bring it to either smart or globe and ask for the BB package.

  38. Jeff says:

    RFS: downgrade
    still under service warranty (janjanman)
    e-mail me first then ill give you my contact #.
    [email protected]

  39. Saviour says:

    hi guys… i was just wondering, can the 9700 Bold sync with a Mac??? please reply.

  40. kp says:

    how much is a fake BB curve in the ph?

  41. anne says:

    Selling Brandnew storm 2 9550 from US for only 21,000! For interested pls contact 0908-771-8611

  42. Alex says:

    Selling a brand new blackberry bold 9700 unlocked for 28000 php. It has all accessories included in box. Email [email protected] or text 09052226360 for details. Serious buyers only. Thank you =)

  43. gail Melon says:

    hi, if any of you are interested in Blackberry bold 9700. just email me. I have stocks of the black and pearl white.

    Reasonable Price

  44. gail Melon says:

    those who are interested to get a blackeberry bold 9700. Reasonable Price

    you can email me at [email protected]


  45. James says:

    buy with the expert..!!
    I bought my Bb bold 9700 in blackberryzuela.com
    just php23490 only!!

    and theirs have a special promo for the bold 9000 its only 20k with 2 freebies,extra battery or a 4GB SD memory card…

    This is a big opportunity for you guys,.!!
    kung gusto nyo makatipid kayo go to http://www.blackberryzuela.com

    They are legally incorporated in The Philippines as a Wholesaler Importer.

  46. kolasisi says:

    Good Morning… papaano ba gamitin yung mga symbols ng blackberry 9700? shortcut symbols, ang ginagawa ko kasi ay pipindutin ko muna yung sym bago ako pumasok sa mga symbols ska ko i click yung yung gusto ko, nakikita po dba sa ibabaw ng letter yung mga point, comma, etc… papaano gamitin yun ng hindi na ako dadaan o pumunta sa mga symbols?

  47. Bob Reyes says:

    @kolasisi Press & hold the letter that you wish to have an accent, then scroll up/down to choose what kind of accent do you wish to be applied to that letter.

  48. randy De Leon Ferrer says:

    availablr here bb curve white color… 15k open line.

  49. randy De Leon Ferrer says:

    im also selling apple products, much lower price. sure buy only….prices are available upon request.

  50. Myabi says:

    I recently bought a BB 9700 in WHITE at kimstore.multiply.com. :) The white one is more expensive than the black. The black is 22k and the white one is 25.5k. Kimstore is selling it cheaper than the others since its an online store. :) She does meet ups too! :) It has a 2gb card included.

    As for the BB 9700 performance, I love my phone and I can’t put it down because I adore it too much. Haha! I’ve downloaded themes for it and I loved its software. The trackpad is very responsive and easier to use since its flat unlike the trackball. The camera is good. :) Wi-fi browser is really good. :) Personally, its the best phone I had. :)

    I’m a Sun Cellular subscriber, I hope Sun will also have a BIS plan. I can’t use the facebook app because it needs a service plan. :( I also tried to get configuration settings for it but they still dont have any for the model. :(

  51. jehzlau says:

    @Myabi – try using Globe or Smart, then activate your BIS. It won’t work with white BB 9700, which is weird. Globe and Smart also confirmed na hindi nila ma activate yung BIS sa white 9700 handsets only. Kahit may SMS confirmation na na activated, hindi parin activated. O__O

  52. Luz says:

    hi..im selling bb curve2 8900 for 15,600. brandnew and orginal from spain.openline and ready to use.for sure buyer,call or txt me at 09185669479.tnx! :)

  53. jhong says:

    got bb9700 here in saudi. – very good performance.
    just got it 2099SR. CHEAP? yes, coz it has no taxes here. vert affordable to buy any gadjets here. –

  54. Jack says:

    Anybody with a good heart pls give me the step by step guide on how to upgrade my os to version 5.0.0. 593

  55. genelicious says:

    hey guys.. is it true that as a pre-paid user we can’t access facebook for BB application until now? that if we just use wi-fi for browsing, it will just shown “facebook via mobile”..

    kindly reply sir yuga! need ur answer..
    thanks! :))

  56. Jack says:

    Bob Reyes How would i upgrade my os from 5.0.0. to 5.0.0. 593 pls help

  57. Jeff Matanguihan says:

    complete (except holster, nwawala e)
    Price: 15k
    RFS: downgrade
    still under service warranty (janjanman)
    meet-up only (manila)
    e-mail me first then ill give you my contact #.
    [email protected] or [email protected]

  58. Jack says:

    Can someone help me to updrade my OS frpm 5.0.0. 315 to 5.0.0. 593

  59. karsykars says:

    Hi! :)

    I’ve been planning to buy the Bold 9700 in WHITE. However, I heard that Globe does not support BIS for this unit? Is this true? If using a white 9700, is wifi the only way to have internet access or nagwowork rin yung P20/hr rate for internet nila like for normal phones?

    I’d appreciate a reply so that I’ll know soon if I’m going to buy the white bold.


  60. ian says:

    sir, would just like to ask-

    can a Blackberry Bold 9700 bought in the US be used here in the Philippines? would it be ‘compatible’ to our telco system here?

    thanks for your reply

  61. iwantbb says:

    anyone have a say abt sun cellular’s BIS?

  62. Paolo says:

    Got a deal that works to my advantage

    I am on plan1599, I downgraded to Plan500 (free call minutes and text messgae allowance are reduced as well) but I would have to get the Supersurf unlimited data add-on of P1200 tied in to my contract. Therefore my Monthly service fee is just P1700, only P101 pesos addition to my original plan but I get unlimited data.

    For those who are on BB Bold 9700 P1599 bundle, check with Globe if they still have this offer.

  63. khalfan says:

    i will buy blackberry bold 9700
    in Cost 800$

    if the Pin Cod its nice

    you can add me : 22222758

    or sending email ; [email protected]

    thank you

  64. iwantbb says:

    @Paolo just want to ask abt the downgrade? globe allowed you to downgrade or you applied for another line? thanks!

  65. I would like to give facts about the BIS on the Blackberry Bold 9700.

    I’ve been a Postpaid Blackberry Bold 9700 subscriber for 4 months already. I’m on plan 1599 and the cash out was still 2450php back then. After 2 weeks, the cashout changed to 10k i think. Swerte talaga ako nun. hehe.

    Ok with regards to BIS (Blackberry internet Service). It works on the postpaid plan on both mobile network services and on WiFi. Marami kasi akong nabasa na may mga subscribers na di gumagana ang BIS thru wifi, BUT it really works over WiFi.

    But because I reached a bill amounting to 3k + this past month, due to texting, I resorted back to my Prepaid sim. Yes, it’s in my Bold.
    Note this: BIS is not active over prepaid services, you have to subscribe to it. You can still browse thru the browser of course but that will be charged over the regular 20php/hour for time surfing and 0.15php for each kilobyte for kb surfing. (Time browsing is still the best way to go)

    So to activate your BIS over prepaid, so that you can use all of your apps thru wifi and mobile networks (BIS does not work thru WiFi on prepaid if you’re not subscribed to the BIS service),just text BB ON (amount) and send to 8888. Example: BB ON 50

    Amounts available:
    50php – 1 day
    220php – 5 days
    1200php – 1 month

    This will activate your BIS on prepaid. AFter you’ve subscribed to BIS, all of your apps like the Facebook and Twitter apps should work over WiFi.

    This is applicable for Globe Sims. Don’t know with regard to Smart.

    Dan Emmanuel R. Ventura, R.N.

  66. shiaki says:

    im selling my bb bold 9700. i bought it in states last month. im selling it for 16 k. text me if ur interested. 09081143689

  67. shiaki says:

    im selling my bb bold 9700. i bought it in states last month. im selling it for 16 k. text me if ur interested..09081143589– my number

  68. allan says:

    @dan emmanuel: nice info.
    can i ask an additional question?
    i have a 500 post paid account with globe & i’m planning to get a blackberry unit.
    will BB applications work over wi-fi even if i don’t register to unlimited surfing / BIS?

  69. Julienne Mendoza says:

    Anyone who have bought their Blackberry Unit (preferably the bold2) from Kimstore (Multiply Online Gadgets seller). Ok naman ba? Di ba mahirap/matagal magregister for BIS? Thanks!

  70. genelicious says:

    @Julienne Mendoza – I bought my BB bold 9700 white at kimstore! She sell good quality products.. My sis bought nokia E71 from her last year and until now, d phone is in good condition..

  71. Sandra says:

    @ Julienne Mendoza- check out also blackberryzuela.com they are the most reliable seller of RIM-made phones here in the Philippines

  72. yazashina says:

    hi guys hu can give me an idea if which is better? using an optical track pad or a trackball and y?

  73. Rick says:

    hi guys, im a teenager, geek, bought every Speed and HWM magazine since 2008. i was just wonderin’, whats the best BB for teenagers? cant really decide, bold? curve? any suggestions? and, a BB that is “madaling gamitin sa mga tulad ko na new sa BB” btw, im an iphone user.

  74. almyty says:

    I would just like to ask if the problem of the Blackberry Bold 9700 Executive Edition (WHITE)with BIS activation still persists? Please anyone update me because I really love to have one…

  75. markster says:

    does Bold 9700 upgradeable to Blackberry OS 6?..

  76. geo says:

    Selling a bnew blackberry bold 9700 (from smart) complete with 1 year official warranty.. 0922-824-4884

  77. ralph says:

    i have a technical problem in wifi connection.. i cannot use the blackberry9700 to wifi internet, even in yahoo messenger.. is the internet only available by connecting to 3G or GPRS network?, why not possible in wifi. or is it blocked by globe?

    btw i bought it in UK. and im using it in the philipiines

  78. ralph says:

    technical problem in wifi connection.. i cannot use the blackberry9700 to wifi internet, even in yahoo messenger.. is the internet only available by connecting to 3G or GPRS network?, why not possible in wifi. or is it blocked by globe?

    btw i bought it in UK. and im using it in the philipiines

  79. ralph says:

    pati po ung bluetooth nya nkaka pag sent ako pero nde ako makareceive

  80. chris says:

    You need to pair a device first.. Nahirapan din ako before. And parang ayaw mag pair pagsobrang lapit ng 2 devices. Try mo.

  81. JG says:

    Available na ba ang blackberry apps store sa philippines?

  82. janeskiberry says:

    question: is it true that GPS on bb will only work on a corporate account? this is according to the globe custserv i talked to.

  83. yin says:

    @JG yes. accessible na bb app world. you can access it thru BIS or even Wi-Fi.

  84. adem says:

    i just got that one bb 9700 i love to get the sat nav some wher to installed free if any help please

  85. Sonicvipz says:

    How much is the BB Bold 9700 these days in the PH? If I buy abroad, can I use it here?

  86. Saimon Apor says:

    I love this phone! Been using it for a month now and I think it is indeed a good buy! :)

    @Sonicvipz: market price is around 20K up for brand new units.

  87. ing says:

    what mean the symbol ({})

    have somebody a list whit the symbol & how you make it example ~D) is hot chocolate :D happy what mean ({}) ???

  88. chris says:

    I just can’t get over with this phone…

  89. ardy says:

    I’ve been using my new BB bold2 for a month now.. so far, wala naman ako na encounter na problem. I can connect to the internet just fine. using the wi-fi or BIS plan..
    Bold2 is a nice phone, a great phone actually!
    mall price is : 23k+

  90. rev says:

    anybody bought their own BB from

    are they for real? anybody?

  91. Kim says:


    I just want to share this website at blackberryphilippines.net.
    I bought a BB 9700 from them and It was great! Great customer service! Excellent and reliable seller!.. Try mo! :)

  92. bbuser661 says:

    Sorry couldn’t see the video on my bb9700 I loved everything about my bb until I went to youtube and nothing played but the thing that bothers mme sister in lay a fellow bb user can watch video on hers ! Anyone know how to watch youtube on a bb bold 9700?

  93. yin says:

    @bbuser661 you can download Player for Youtube from BB App World. From there you can search and play videos. It works great when you’re using wi-fi. :)

  94. den says:

    hey im a nokia loyalist and i must admit i dont know much about this bb craze so i have few questions to ask since i consider shifting frm nokia to bb.

    im into social networking, if i surf the net (w/out using wi-fi) and im using PREPAID sim, will it work? or do i have to be a plan holder? im kinda confused kasi kung ung mga promo ng smart and globe like unli surf for 1 day ay ok lang using bb.

    i do not also know a thing reg. black berry messaging. how does it work ba? ang sabi lang sakin ng friend ko if send a message to another bb user, it will be for FREE. is that correct?

    and what about those upgrades people are talking about?

    can i really surf the net that fast?

    to sum it up., my main concerns are the internet connection and charges. i dont want to have a contract/plan with any network service, just want to be a prepaid user.

    pls help me with these. im confused whether to buy nokia e72 or go for bb and give it a shot. sorry im being an ignorant here. i just dont know a thing.

    thanks so much!

  95. Fren says:

    Hi, I’m thinking of getting a BB next week. Which one is better,Bold 9700 or Curve 9300? A friend is selling her Bold at almost the same price of a brand new curve 9300. I can’t decide! help! :)

  96. ingemar says:

    sir/mam i bought my bb 9700 here in saudi, can i used it in the philippines? i have a smart roaming sim card can i use it also, do i need to inform smart communication for activation or i will just automatically use the sim card, thank you to anyone who can help me.

  97. teps says:

    Hello! I just got my new BB Bold 9700 and I’m already having problems. Its 3G is in capital letters while edge is in small letters. Then I cannot download BlackBerry App World from my laptop and from my BB itself! Help. It’s getting so frustrating. I don’t want to regret buying this phone because it really is very easy and comfy to use, plus it’s expensive.

  98. @Teps: Having small caps edge means you are not subscribed to BIS, or blackberry internet service, which makes all of your apps connect to the web.

    Are you on prepaid? Globe? Here is what you do to subscribe to BIS.

    Type BB ON Amount (50, 220, 1200)
    ex. BB ON 50 send to 8888

    50 = 1 day
    220 = 5 days
    1200 = 1 month

    or you can just connect over wifi and download BB app world but most apps like facebook don’t work over wifi only, but you must subscribe to BIS in order for it to work.

    Hope this helps.

  99. sele says:

    sir, just wanna ask which is better? sony xperia x10 or this bb bold 9700? thanks..

  100. phell says:

    hi. wanted to ask. which is better, bb bold 9700 or the bb torch 9800?!

  101. ettenoj says:

    ang pricey talaga ng blackberry kahit mababa lang ang specs. dapat sana kahit papano lower the price lang kasi parang no match naman ang specs neto sa ibang smartphone

  102. pixie says:

    hello sir yuga,

    between BB9700 and bb9650 which is better in terms of their functionality and battery life? thank you.

  103. mellie says:

    Ik wil die zoo graag hebben.
    maar is zoo duurr…wat moet ik nou doen??
    tips graag.

    ik wil geen abonement

  104. pol says:

    go for the 9700 or 9780. those are the best BB’s.

  105. pol says:

    Add me on BBM. 23948a33.

    • lisa says:

      do u know how can i surf internet in my bb? pinabili ko lang to sa kapatid ko sa saudi.. pls help

  106. Rose Mae says:

    how can i activate my internet on my blackberry 9700?? i can access its internet failed////…i have a GPRS but i dont know how to used it ??!!!

  107. Patrick says:

    Why does my BB 9700 automatically restarts itself? ano po dapat kong gawin? naayos ba to sa settings or bka napipindot ko lang?

  108. Patrick says:

    san po magandang bumili ng case for a bb 9700?

  109. lourdes says:

    what is better. bb cure 9700 or bb bold 9700?i saw a lot of reviews with bold 9700 and most of them said it’s palpak. im getting confused.

  110. chris says:

    Wala naman kasing bb cure 9700…. curve 9300 3g lang….

  111. lisa says:

    got a bb 9700 nabili sya sa saudi… how can i connect to BIS? im a smart prepaid user… pls help.. thanks!

    • @lisa – make sure muna na naka open line na yang BB mo… then pag okay na… BB DAY (P50), BB WEEK (P300), BB MONTH (P1,200) send mo sa 2207, wag sali yung price ha, sinali ko lng para malaman mo magkano. Parang may promo ata sila jan sa MONTH 999 na lng but i dont know kung existing pa ’til now. I hope I was able to help you…

  112. lala says:

    Hi, may question lang ako. Kasi my tita owns a blackberry 9700 and she lives in UK. She will give the phone to me. Will it work here in the philippines?

  113. I’ve found myself here several times before while trying to find various things. I appreciate the detailed articles you write, and in some instances this is the ONLY place I can even find them. Cheers

  114. Anna says:

    Just wanna ask if ang blackberry ba pwede kapag ang smart sim ay naka roam on, or I mean, kahit roam on ang smart sim, unli din ang BBM at pwede kahit sa iba’t ibang bansa? let say seaman ang gagamit, iba’t ibang lugar napupuntahan nila, pwede pa nila magamit ang BBM ng blackberry?

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