La Salle Greenhills offers Galaxy Tab 8.9 to students

La Salle Greenhills offers Galaxy Tab 8.9 to students

We wrote about the plan of De La Salle to offer Samsung Galaxy Tabs to their students last July (as per our discussion with local reps of Sybase). Today, Samsung made it official and reveals La Salle Greenhills will provide their students with Galaxy Tab 8.9.


La Salle Green Hills plans to deploy initial 500 of the new Galaxy Tab 8.9 devices to its honors class students. The pilot phase of the project will commence with the start of the second trimester of the 2011-12 school year in September this year. La Salle Green Hills expects to roll out the mobile tablet learning experience school wide in the new school year of 2012-13. This will cover all 5,000 students of the campus.

Sybase will be responsible for management and deployment of applications over-the-air and secure curriculum materials for the school administration.

Back in June, Meridian College also announced they are offering Apple iPad 2 to all their incoming college freshmen students.

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25 Responses

  1. andre says:

    aba sosyal na…

  2. Ray says:

    though i have doubts with its usefulness as a learning tool, at least galaxy tabs are less of a toy gadget than an ipad.

  3. daniel says:

    awww… sosyal. and grabe! may nagdedevelop ng apps for educational purpose kaya hindi pwedeng sabihin ng magulang mo na di ka na mag-aaral dahil idi-digitize ang books at manuals! astig!

  4. sir gie says:

    Class please bring out your tablets and tap your textbooks to bookmark blablabla…

    Paperless classrooms = less cut trees.

    But will their tablets be safe from prying crooks?

    The future has come, indeed. I foretold of it years back in one of my published articles in our school paper.

    More schools coming up soon!

  5. fave says:

    “La Salle Green Hills plans to deploy initial 500 of the new Galaxy Tab 8.9 devices to its honors class students.”

    classic way of discriminating its students pero mayayaman naman majority sa mga batang ito kaya sagot na ni papa or mama ang sa akin, kahit per subject pa hehe

  6. mack says:

    tuition fee + misc. fees + tablet fee = ????

  7. hyprmanic says:

    most of the folks in LSGH are admittedly from the upper crust, so definitely they can affort the tablet as part of their requirements, but i feel obligated to share with everyone that NOT EVERYONE on campus has a silver spoon stuffed in their mouths. there’s a good 8-10% of the population in LSGH who are either under full or partial scholarship due to academic excellence, or are children of staff of the school, or are deserving scholars of partner communities of the Lasallian Brothers. from what i understand, these folks are usually not burdened with additional school fees and are given stipends for their uniforms (especially for the underpriveleged). considering their track record, i’m pretty sure the full scholars from the partner communities and the underpriveleged will be given these tablets as part of their scholarship as well. it won’t make sense if they don’t get them too (besides, i think they would have thought about the scholars too when they drafted their budget for this entire thing).

    i personally envy these kids… where was all this technology when i was still in school, eh? hehehe! but then again, book research i think i still the best training. nothing beats being able to flip through a book and learning from it.

  8. al says:

    Control f for the win, its one thing we can never do on paper!

  9. Mat says:

    This is good for the ol’ Alma Mater, its always been great at adapting to the times. I’m happy for the students who dont have to lug around heavy books anymore.

    I heard St. Paul Pasig is doing the same this year and planning on rolling out the tablet idea to the whole school next year. I hope that idea pushes through.

  10. nameless says:

    Haha. lagot. Im sure, mas madali magpasa at magcheck ang teacher pag ganyan. At the end of the day, ichcheck yang tablet at dapat may nagawa silang notes. :p

  11. Iyan Sommerset says:

    Does make sense from a certain point of view. Paperless books means each kid can (and will) carry an entire library with him. High-resolution photos and video tutorials will help with labwork (or replace it entirely, which I don’t agree with). i.e. virtual frog dissection…hell it’s digital…virtual *human* dissection.

    Also, if they can write the proper app/back-end for it, tablet-based quizzes/exams make it much easier for the students and the teacher and make cheating harder. Instant-click, instant-check, instant-grade directly uploaded to a master back-end app on the teacher’s machine/department server/etc.

  12. hyprmanic says:

    @Iyan Sommerset — i agree with you… definitely a lot of applications there from an academic standpoint (i.e. e-pub books with annotation / virtual sticky notes, journal-type apps with database functionality, standardized and customized assessments, etc.), but there will be a lot of things that cannot be replaced. actual learning that touches base on different learning styles like experimentation, debate and discussion, actual book research, field work… those things form a connection with the world and allow students to develop discipline, analytical skills and good ol’ EQ.

    technology will always be a tool to improve efficiencies, but it can never replace effective delivery and facilitation of learning.

  13. AmUr says:

    Bakit Galaxy Tab pa? bat di na lang HP touchpad? hehe

    • quzaqi says:

      baka kasi mahirapan silang i-justify ang added fees sa bawat student. he he

    • Iyan Sommerset says:

      At least hindi iPad. :P Baka mey nasa-board ng LSGH na taga-Samsung din or the reverse – parent’s council na higher-up sa Samsung Philippines siguro.

    • loadex says:

      Why Galaxy Tab?.. Maybe Samsung marketing is so aggressive that exchange deals might have been forged in exchange of using Samsung Tab. For sure Samsung could have promised the moon and star just to bagged this contract.

      And Sybase (the developer) might be inclined on the Android platform, kaya out of question na si iPad.

  14. Brolex says:

    HINDI MAYAMAN ANG MAJORITY NG STUDENTS SA LASALLE. A good 30%-40% isnt rich like you people stereotype us to be.

    • loadex says:

      The 60-70% that I assume is rich in your standard.. is a good market place. Ibig sabihin mas madami pa din ang kaya bumili ng tab. Unlike in other schools.. where the rich is around 5-10% lang, mas mahirap mag market where the majority cannot afford it.

  15. John says:

    wow. awesome. run with your samsung at running races manila Philippines

  16. Mike V says:

    these kids are really lucky, back then the most high tech gadget we have was a scientific calculator. ahahaha

  17. Adam Cojuangco says:

    Im studying at LSGH and i am 4th year highschool section A. Everything is going well with the tab.
    Going to school is much easier. By the way only the sections have a tab because it is on trial.
    The rest of the sections will have the tab if this year will be successful.

  18. lorenzo says:

    I’m also a student of LSGH. incoming 4th year on June. Our tablets costs P18k+ and will be given on June.

    @sir gie, I think the tablets have an app to track them via gps when they are stolen but they said it is only good within the school’s vicinity.

    @Brolex yeah, STOP STEREOTYPING US!!!!

    I hope project “PEARL” will succeed because honestly last year, almost all the first year only used it as a Nintendo Emulator and was only filled with 4 ebooks.

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    Is there any way you can remove people from that service?
    Many thanks!

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