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Secuna offers free cybersecurity to government, SMEs

Secuna, a crowdsourced cybersecurity testing platform in the country, is offering its community of security researchers to provide free bug bounty and vulnerability programs to help government agencies and private organizations better their security capabilities.

“Governments and non-governmental organizations can run vulnerability disclosure programs (VDP) through the Secuna platform for free. They can also run bug bounty programs (BBP) for free, with no platform subscription, if they want to incentivize security researchers for reporting a valid bug,” said AJ Dumanhug, CEO of Secuna.

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Secuna 1 • Secuna Offers Free Cybersecurity To Government, Smes

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A VDP is a structured method for third parties, researchers, and ethical hackers to report vulnerabilities easily. The program provides a straightforward method to communicate findings and to show customers and investors that they take security seriously. It gives organizations a chance to develop a patch and disclose the issue once a solution is ready.

The website of Secuna outlines the broad set of its features and provides guides and other resources for putting these free cybersecurity tools to best use. Secuna encourages government agencies and SMEs to contact them to assess and help them implement the best cybersecurity practices.

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Secuna has been operating since 2017, and has been committed to helping companies, organizations, and the government secure their digital assets. They have a community of hundreds of the world’s most advanced and highly-vetted cybersecurity professionals and ethical hackers. The company offers Managed Service that helps in setting-up ISO-compliant Security Vulnerability Disclosure Program and Bug Bounty Program to receive and act on vulnerabilities discovered by cybersecurity professionals.

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