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The Gaming Chair worth your Gaming Rig


When building a gaming rig, the majority of the budget normally goes to parts that give the best performance. This includes a top-tier CPU, the most capable GPU, fast storage, and more than enough memory. These are also the most expensive parts of the rig so it’s understandable that around 70% to 80% of the entire budget is spent on them.

Karnox Chair Gaming • The Gaming Chair Worth Your Gaming Rig

Perhaps the lest attention for the entire setup goes to the gaming chair. Understandably, the chair is not really part of the PC but it is still considered an essential accessory to get the best gaming experience, especially if you’re going to spend a lot of hours in front of the rig.

So, after spending a fortune on your ideal gaming rig, set your eyes on a nice and comfortable gaming chair that’s worth your while. Here are a few gaming chairs we think you need to consider when building your next rig (or perhaps an upgrade to your existing one).

Karnox Gaming Chair

Karnox is among the elite makers of gaming chairs (they originally produced high-end car seats) and they have a good line-up of models that might fit your need and preference for a sturdy, high-quality gaming chair.

Karnox Review • The Gaming Chair Worth Your Gaming Rig

They have the Commander Edition, Gladiator Edition, Legend Edition, Defender Edition and Hero Edition. The one we have here is the Commander Edition in black leather with white accents.

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Karnox Gaming Chair • The Gaming Chair Worth Your Gaming Rig

The first time we unboxed this, we were surprised by the sheer size of the chair. The Commander Edition is definitely designed for big guys, featuring an extra-wide seat and tall back to give better comfort for above-average people (Karnox recommends an ideal height of 5’9″ to 6’6″ and weight acceptance of up to 400lbs).

Karnox Philippines • The Gaming Chair Worth Your Gaming Rig

The design is inspired by a sports car which is evident by the stitched diamond pattern that runs in the middle and generous padding on the sides (for lumbar support). This is high-quality polyurethane leather with nice design accents that definitely add that awesome look to your gaming setup.

Karnox Gaming • The Gaming Chair Worth Your Gaming Rig

Gaming chairs do get a beating after many hours of use so the Karnox Commander is built from a solid steel construction along with a cast aluminum alloy base, steel seat, steel back frame, and solid rubber roller-blade smooth-glide wheels. Our experience with gaming chairs we’ve used in the past is that the wheelbase is the first to give up so going for roller-blade glide wheels was a great move.

Karnox Adjust • The Gaming Chair Worth Your Gaming Rig

All the seat adjustments you need to get the best seating comfort.
It features a 360-degree swivel that gives you full freedom of movement and reclinable from an upright 90-degree to a flat recline of 180 degrees. There’s a heavy-duty gas lift for adjusting the seat height effortlessly. The 4D chunky armrests provide ample support by adjusting the height and position to comfortably rest your arms — left, right, up, down, forward, backward, angle left, angle right. The armrest itself is coated with soft-touch polyurethane with carbon-fiber imprint pattern.
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Karnox Chair • The Gaming Chair Worth Your Gaming Rig

The padded head-rest provides comfort and endurance for extended or long periods of use. The removable neck pillow and lumbar support cushion is a great addition that offers more comfort when you need it.

Karnox Rega • The Gaming Chair Worth Your Gaming Rig

Realme Philippines

The Karnox Commander is available online (via Lazada) and is priced at Php20,000 (buy here).

Hobot Gaming Chair

Another gaming chair that we tried is the one from Hobot.

Hobot Chair Gaming • The Gaming Chair Worth Your Gaming Rig

The Hobot Gaming chair line-up has three models — the H3, H5 and H9. The one we’re been using is the Hobot H3 which is among the premium of the line.

The Hobot H3 polyurethane (synthetic) leather finish that lasts up to 200,000 abrasion cycles compared to the regular one that’s only up to 50,000 with standard leather before you observe any noticeable peeling.

Hobot Leather • The Gaming Chair Worth Your Gaming Rig

This leather and fabric upholstery variant of the Hobot looks elegant and comfortable at the same time. There’s also a variant that is purely covered in water-resistant fabric.

Hobot Chair • The Gaming Chair Worth Your Gaming Rig

The single-adjust back recliner starts from an upright 90-degree position all the way to 155-degrees. The Rock-it-Lock-it mechanism allows you to lock the chair at any desired tilt position.

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Hobot Fabric • The Gaming Chair Worth Your Gaming Rig

Like the Karnox, the 4D armrest is height-adjustable and can be positioned any which way for the best comfort of the user. We also liked the carbon-fiber imprint pattern and smooth finish. With the Class 4 grade gaslift (BIFMA Certified, Class 4 being the best), you can easily adjust the chair to your desired height. The 5-prong (350mm) aluminum foot features a 2.5-inch Nylon mute wheels.

155 Degree Tilt • The Gaming Chair Worth Your Gaming Rig

The neck pillow and lumbar cushion provide additional ergonomic support to the back. It’s best to use them when gaming for hours on end.

Chair Cushions • The Gaming Chair Worth Your Gaming Rig

The chair is firm yet comfortable, the fabric and leather finish looks really nice and cool to the touch. It would up to the user if they’d prefer the all-fabric finish or the combination of leather and suede. You can really feel how solid and sturdy the construction is and know that it will last a long time.

Anyone looking to build their dream gaming rig should look into either the Karnox or the Hobot gaming chairs to get the best performance and gaming experience.

Hobot Review • The Gaming Chair Worth Your Gaming Rig

The Hobot H3 gaming chair is available online (via Lazada) in grey or black for a suggested retail price of Php18,450 (buy here).

You can also check out REGA Philippines, the official local distributor, for the complete line-up.

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